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Patricia Heaton of “Everybody Loves Raymond” fame took to Twitter to warn Christians in America that religious freedom is at risk as the race to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s SCOTUS seat unfolds.

The 62-year-old actress is one of the few celebrities in Hollywood brave enough to be open about their conservative Christian views. 

Patricia Warns Christians Of Coming Onslaught

On Sunday, Patricia Heaton sent ominous message to her 400k+ Twitter followers about what will happen in the coming weeks.

She predicts social media will be overrun with anti-religion rhetoric as the debate rages on over whether the vacant Supreme Court seat should be filled before the election. 

“Friends, be prepared for social media to be filled with an onslaught of arrogant pronouncements based on breathtaking ignorance of religion in general, Christianity specifically and Catholicism in particularly by people who wouldn’t recognize God if He bit them on the bum,” the pro-life Catholic actress tweeted. 

Michael Moore Comes Unhinged 

The “Everybody Love Raymond” star’s proclamation came hours after radical liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore called for “protests everywhere”. 

More specifically, he called for a “a tsunami presence by us on social media today and this week”. With “us” presumably being more radical liberals like himself.

The “Farenheit 9/11” creator even went so far as to demand House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) shut down the government if that’s what it takes to stop President Donald Trump from naming a replacement for Ginsburg.

“[L]et the government shut down so that the Republicans can’t ram their right-wing judge through before Trump is defeated 6wks from this Tuesday,” he wrote, urging his followers to “block, stall and grind all Senate business to a halt so this crackpot nominee doesn’t go through — you know, just like what the Republicans did to Obama for 8 long years. Extreme obstruction. Let’s let them now experience a taste of their own filthy medicine.”

Patricia Heaton vs. Michael Moore

While liberals like Michael Moore are focused on spreading hate and chaos, Patricia Heaton uses her social media accounts to spread love and the word of God.

Last month, she tweeted out an inspiring Bible verse to her followers:

“Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you…love your enemies, do good to them, lend to them without expecting it back. Then you will be children of the Most High.” Jesus (Luke 6:27)

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Patricia Heaton Warned Kanye West Of Hollywood Pitfalls For Christians

In November of last year, Heaton reached out to caution rapper Kanye West. She knows first-hand the difficulties of being a Christian in Hollywood. 

“It’s very hard,” she said. “I think when someone of his stature in the industry and someone who has his amount of fame makes that kind of proclamation, people then really watch and scrutinize everything he does to catch him falling down.”

Then Heaton went on to say that she hoped Kanye would be able to handle the intense criticism. Especially the discrimination from those in Hollywood who “want to see him fail at Christianity.”

Patrician Heaton is exactly the voice conservatives need coming from Hollywood right now. Thank God for her strong example.

And God bless Patricia Heaton for continuing to show the world what a strong conservative Christian woman looks like!

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