Following UFC 253, Jon Jones asked his fans if they’d be down with him heading back to light heavyweight, for a clash with the new champ, Jan Blachowicz. While it remains to be seen if it happens, Daniel Cormier believes his rival basically admitted he was avoiding Dominick Reyes…

Cormier calls Jones’ comments “crazy”

Blachowicz and Reyes were booked to fight for the vacant light heavyweight title at UFC 253 this past weekend after Jones dropped the belt not long ago. “Bones” announced he was ending his reign as the 205 champ so he could pursue a run at heavyweight.

In addition, at the time, Jones made it clear he wasn’t interested in any match-ups at 205, including a rematch with Reyes. Even though many people scored the Jones – Reyes fight in February for the latter.

Well, as you know, Blachowicz secured the title on Saturday by taking out Reyes in round two. After the impressive win, Jones teased returning to light heavyweight, for a bout with the new champ.

Since then, while appearing on ESPN, Cormier had this take on the situation (quotes via MMA Fighting).

“That’s so whack,” Cormier said. “Have you ever met a guy that’s so out of touch? He’s out of touch.

It’s like, OK, Jon, then why not just go, ‘I was afraid of Dominick Reyes. Now I want to go back to 205 and fight Jan Blachowicz because he beat Dom.’

That’s crazy. Why would he do that? I mean, who does that? Who does that?

“He could have fought Reyes. This could have been him and Reyes. This was supposed to be him and Reyes.

Instead, he gave up the belt. He gave up the belt and said, ‘I want to fight at heavyweight.’ Now, ‘Maybe, I’ll go back?’

How could you be so out of touch? I don’t get it. . .

That’s your boy over there kicking people while they’re down and pretty much admitting, ‘I didn’t want to fight Dominick Reyes but I’ll fight Jan Blachowicz.’ That’s crazy.”

So, if you’re a Jones supporter, you may question whether Cormier’s personal issues with his longtime rival, could be impacting his view here.

Could Jones have been worried about fighting Reyes again, on account of how their first fight went? It’s possible.

But, it could also be that Jones is more interested in fighting Blachowicz, now, since he decisively beat Reyes. Whereas Jones narrowly got by the challenger.

In other words, if Jones were to defeat Blachowicz, he could say he also beat the man, who bombed out Reyes (although yes, MMA math doesn’t always work that way).

Cormier believes Jones was defeat Blachowicz

All that said, it sounds like “DC” believes Jones recognizes he would have a fairly easy time, defeating the new champ.

“If I’m Jones, I’m doing it,” Cormier said. “I’m doing it if I’m Jones. . . Jones beats Blachowicz. (He’s) is too slow to beat (Jones).

The thing about Jones that people don’t realize he’s got a good chin. You can hit him. I hit him. A lot of us hit him.

He can take punches, man. If Jan Blachowicz is out there and he’s too slow, Jones will pick him apart. God, I can’t believe it.

The question now is, was Jones serious? Is he really thinking about postponing his move to heavyweight and reclaiming the light heavyweight belt one more time?

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