James Woods purse video grooming kids steal

Hollywood star James Woods just posted a chilling video to his Twitter page showing a mom using her kids to steal someone’s purse while seated at a table in public. This demonstrates yet another disturbing way that adults groom children. The video also serves as a reminder to everyone to be mindful of your belongings, even when it seems like there’s no immediate danger. Especially women with purses.

James Woods Posts Video of Mom ‘Training’ Kids To Steal

Nice training. Right down to the hand signals. #Jackals,” Woods captioned the video, which went viral as soon as he posted it.

The unsettling video shows a mother with three small children lurking about until the moment is right to steal from the unsuspecting woman. This is a clear case of child grooming in action.

Though Woods posted the video to his account yesterday, it actually was captured back in 2018 at a restaurant in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

The video opens with the woman and her children walking around outside the Steers restaurant at the Paarl Mall.

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Mother Uses Her Children To Steal Purse

The woman and three young kids walk towards the restaurant and stand at the entrance for a few seconds before going back outside. It’s then that they catch sight of their victim, who is sitting at a table at the restaurant.

The mother and her youngest child, a boy, walk towards the table, with the mom taking her phone out of her pocket and talking into it as she approaches the table.

The mother can be seen signaling her oldest child, a girl, with her hands. It’s clear that the girl knows exactly what to do, because she proceeds to kneel and crawl towards the handbag.

She proceeds to pull the bag closer to her and then move her hand back, before going in for the kill and snatching the purse.

Once she has the handbag in her hands, the family turns and calmly walks out of the mall, as if this was something that they had done a million times before.

Samantha Williams, a manager at Steers, confirmed to the Sunday Times that this incident had indeed occurred at the restaurant.

“The customer came to the counter and told us that her bag had been stolen, but unfortunately we could not do anything about it, so we referred her to the centre’s management,” Williams said.

Police Investigate Stolen Purse

Police spokesperson Capt FC van Wyk added that the police were investigating the incident. 

“A theft case is being investigated by the Paarl police,” van Wyk said. “No other incidents pertaining to the suspects in the footage have been reported to SAPS Paarl before or after the incident of the 11th. Detectives are following up on all leads. Investigations continue.” 

We could not find anything online indicating that these perpetrators were ever caught.

It’s truly sad that we live in a world where this kind of thing happens every day. We applaud Woods for using his platform as a Hollywood star to warn women about these kind of dangerous situations.

If you are someone who carries a purse, be sure to keep an eye on it, even when you’re relaxing for a meal at a restaurant.

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