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Earlier today, we reported that supermodel Chrissy Teigen had deleted over 60,000 tweets and blocked over one million people after online conspiracy theorists claimed that she had been named on the flight logs of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Now, Hollywood star James Woods is calling Chrissy Teigen out for panicking and deleting tweets. All while she plays the part of the victim.

James Woods Calls Out Chrissy Teigen

Woods took to Twitter to post the Fox News article about Teigen’s recent blocking and deleting on Twitter. He posted the article alongside a quote from the play “Hamlet.” 

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks,” he wrote.

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More Disturbing Teigen Tweets Come To Light

Teigen loves calling out conservatives on Twitter. But, it appears she can’t take the heat after constantly dishing it out herself.

Over the past few hours, Teigen has been playing the victim like it’s her job as more disturbing tweets of hers from the past come to light.

In this tweet, she bizarrely talks about eating humans.

In another, she brazenly jokes about pedophilia.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the disgusting tweets this woman has been posting over the years.

After reading these, it’s a wonder that Teigen actually has the nerve to lecture anyone else about their public behavior.


Teigen has repeatedly denied that she ever flew on Epstein’s plane, which has been dubbed the “Lolita Express” because of the alleged abuses of underage girls that occurred onboard. However, Woods certainly appears to be onto something when he says that Teigen “doth protest too much.” 

If the accusations really are as baseless as Teigen claims them to be, why is she going through all this trouble to save herself right now?

A public figure like Teigen is hit with false claims all the time, so one would think she would simply ignore them completely if there was not some truth to them.

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James Woods Tags Target In The Chrissy Teigen Tweet

Woods did not stop there when it came to calling out Teigen. He went on to tag Target, a brand that Teigen does ads for, alongside a screenshot in which the model compares a baby to a porn star.

When a fan commented on how fun it is “to watch the left eat their own,” Woods poked fun at Teigen’s constant tweets about cannibalism by replying, “literally, as it turns out.” 

Woods also made it clear that he has no fear about becoming one of the one million people that Teigen has blocked.

Nobody can deny that Woods is never afraid to tell it like it is! We could certainly use a whole lot more James Woods in Hollywood, and a whole lot less Chrissy Teigens. 

Editor’s Note: Updated to include a link to an article where Teigen denies being on the flight list.

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