Coach Believes Jon Jones – Daniel Cormier III Could Still Happen

Daniel Cormier has repeatedly said that Saturday's bout with Stipe Miocic will be his last. But, the legend's coach isn't so sure.

Daniel Cormier is already fighting past his original retirement date, and has said numerous times this Saturday will be his final fight. But, the former champ’s longtime coach, Javier Mendez, believes ‘DC’ could stick around for a third showdown with Jon Jones…

Daniel Cormier
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Mendez outline scenario for another Cormier fight

For a long time, Cormier said that he was not going to fight past the age of 40. But, due to injuries and being sidelined, the legendary fighter decided to compete beyond that date. 

After Stipe Miocic avenged his previous loss to Cormier last summer, ‘DC’ made it clear he wanted to face the heavyweight champ in a rubber match. The two are set to fight this Saturday at UFC 252, and leading up to it, Cormier’s repeatedly said it will be his last bout.

Well, more recently Mendez spoke with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto.  During the conversation, Mendez reported that he wanted Cormier to retire before this third fight with Miocic was ever set.

After all, at this stage of the game, Cormier has nothing to prove.

But, while talking about what could come next for Cormier, Mendez outlined a scenario, in which he sees ‘DC’  fighting one more time (quotes via MMA Mania).

“What I think, whoever is victorious from the fight is gonna get offered a big money fight and I believe it’s gonna be against Jon Jones.

Because Jon Jones has stressed he wants to go to heavyweight. And what better way for Jones to the kind of money he wants than to fight a Stipe or a DC for the heavyweight title?

“That would make the fight that Jones would want,” Mendez continued. “Obviously, he deserves more money, he’s a major star, and he’s the most decorated guy really in the Light Heavyweight division.

He’s never been beat, you know? So I think it’s the logical choice.”

“Yeah, I think Uncle Dana is going to throw so much money at D.C., D.C. can’t pass it up,” Mendez said with a laugh. “D.C. loves money. So I think that’s going to happen.”

Is Mendez onto something?

So, could the American Kickboxing Academy coach have a point here? Maybe.

If Cormier goes out and runs through Miocic, like he did in their first fight, and Jones proceeds to call him out, you never know. That would be a massive, massive fight, and it would give Cormier an opportunity to avenge his previous losses to Jones.

Further, it would give him that opportunity while competing at heavyweight.

But, it is worth noting that Cormier’s said he’s moved on from his feud with Jones, and that the Miocic fight is the only one that interests him. Closing out his career on top would be a very nice way to wrap things up.

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