World Lethwei Championship To Ring In Olympics In Japan

As a bit of a precursor to the start of the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, the World Lethwei Championship will hold an event.

The decision to delay the Summer Olympics will help present a perfect lead-in for the games and the World Lethwei Championship promotion.

As the WLC continues to return to a sense of normalcy after the coronavirus pandemic, organizers within the fighting league are plotting a course for Japan just ahead of what will now be the 2021 Summer Olympics. 

The games are scheduled to begin Friday, July 23, 2021 and end Sunday, August 8, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. Over 200 nations are still expected to attend after seeing the event postponed from this summer due to COVID-19.

WLC is now targeting an event in Tokyo to take place just a few weeks ahead of the start of the games, bringing together the best Japanese fighters in Lethwei to shine as professionals in front of a huge and new target audience. 

Japan is one of several new ventures on the docket for WLC along with the United States, Thailand and Cambodia during the 2020-21 months. 

The WLC had plans to visit many of these places before the coronavirus hit. However, they are now re-focused and ready to explode all over the globe with bare-knuckle fighting events. 

Big Plans For WLC in 2020-21

“After the historic success in 2019, World Lethwei Championship has successfully driven the sport of Lethwei to become the fastest growing sport in the world,” said WLC Chairman Mr. Zay Thiha. “This upcoming season will continue our efforts to develop and grow the infrastructure of Lethwei globally.

“We are excited to hold events with our esteemed broadcast and corporate partners in Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, and the United States of America to deliver world-class Lethwei content throughout multiple continents.”

That includes Japan, which will become the center of the sports world next summer for the Olympics. The opportunity to put Lethwei athletes in front of that grand stage is sure to bring out the best of the best – and the best of the athletes themselves in action. 

An exact location is yet to be determined, but WLC officials are searching long and hard for the grandest stage. 

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