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Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford had a special bond that extended well past their 15-year run as co-hosts of “Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee.” Philbin died over the weekend at age 88. Gifford is sharing about their final meeting two weeks ago. And, what she experienced right before his death shows just how tight their bond was. 

Kathie Lee Visits With Her Dear Friend Regis Philbin

Kathie Lee last saw her beloved friend and former co-host two weeks ago.

They hadn’t seen each other since the beginning of the year due in a large part to the pandemic. She “sensed much more fragility than I’d seen in him the last time in January out in Los Angeles.”

Gifford lives in Tennessee full time, but like the Philbins, owns a house in Connecticut as well. Regis and his wife Joy have been married for 50 years.

Kathie Lee had the couple over for lunch two weeks ago. 

She confessed after Joy and Regis left: 

“We just had the best time. I just thought to myself, ‘Lord, is that the last time I’m going to see my friend?’ Cause he was failing, I could tell.”

And she was right. Kathie Lee’s intuition grew even strong just before Philbin’s death.

Before Regis’s death “something told” Kathie Lee to head back to Connecticut.

The devout Christian reports that over the years when she gets a nudge like that, she follows it and she’s grateful that she did. As a result, Regis’ longtime friend was able to be there to support Joy after her husband passed away. 

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Her friend of more than 35 years was gone, but thanks to her inner voice she was able to be there for his widow. 

In an interview Monday morning, Kathie Lee shared this story and the fact that as a Christian, she knows that Regis is now experiencing the glory of God.


“Is that the last time I’m going to see my friend?”@KathieLGifford talks about the last time she saw Regis Philbin.

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) July 27, 2020

America Mourns The US Navy Vet And Adored Host

Philbin was always energetic and joyful. He was a rarity in entertainment.

While many entertainers take their situation for granted, Regis knew he was living the American dream. He was relatable and that’s why we loved him. 

Regis Philbin spent more than 17,000 hours on television and was the first host of the popular game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” He also hosted “Live! with Regis and Kelly” after Kathie Lee Gifford left the show.

After his death, condolences poured in from around the country. Even at Philbin’s advanced age, it felt to many of us that we had lost an extended family member.

Philbin, who was a veteran, also got acknowledgement from the US Navy on social media. 

Fair winds and following seas, Mr. Philbin.

We have the watch, Shipmate! @Regis Philbin (LTJG) served honorably in the U.S. Navy as a 310X-Supply Corps Officer, 1953 – 1955

— U.S. Navy (@USNavy) July 25, 2020

Regis Philbin To Be Buried At Notre Dame

Regis Francis Xavier Philbin lived a long life. He was named after the university his father wanted him to attend. However, he attended Notre Dame instead.

He was as devout Catholic and fans are well aware of his love for his alma mater, the University of Notre Dame.

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His funeral will be on campus at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart followed by Philbin’s burial at Cedar Grove Cemetery on the campus of Notre Dame University.

We mourn the loss of Regis Philbin ’53, who shared his love of our University and our student-athletes with the world.

We lift our prayers for his wife, Joy, and his daughters, Joanna and J.J., as we join them in celebrating his life.


— The Fighting Irish ? (@FightingIrish) July 26, 2020

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