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Comedian and MMA commentator Joe Rogan just spoke out on his podcast to slam so-called “woke” leftwing celebrities who he says are “so wrapped up in the liberal, progressive ideology” that they can’t see just how “dumb” they look. 

Joe Rogan Trashes ‘Woke’ Celebrities On Podcast

“This latest thing where all these actors have this black and white video where they’re talking about racism…. What are you doing? You know what that is? These mother—–s haven’t gotten any attention for months because they haven’t filmed,” Rogan said, according to Fox News

“You f——g morons… You’re taking responsibility? No, you’re trying to get attention. That’s what you’re doing,” Rogan added. “If they ever feel like doing that again, call me, I’ll tell you how it’s gonna turn out.”

‘I Take Responsibility’

Joe Rogan was referring to the “I Take Responsibility” campaign that was released earlier this month, which showed various A-list stars somberly taking “responsibility for turning the racist tide in America,” denouncing police brutality, and pledging to learn more “about issues facing the black community.”

The video features celebrities like Julianne Moore, Debra Messing, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sarah Paulson, Aaron Paul, Kesha, and more who stare into the camera and “take responsibility” for “every not-so-funny joke, every unfair stereotype, every blatant injustice.”

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“Going for a jog should not be a death sentence,” the elites of Hollywood continue. “Sleeping in your own home should not be a death sentence. Playing video games with your nephew should not be a death sentence. Shopping in a store should not be a death sentence. Business as usual should not be life-threatening.”

Joe Rogan Destroys Tone Deaf Celebrities 

The former “Fear Factor” host, however, was not having any of it.

He said that any Hollywood actor who thinks they can turn the tide when it comes to racism should “stop acting” and “go to a f—–g doctor and get your head checked.”

Rogan went on to add that the new video reminded him of the infamous “Imagine” video, in which actors led by Gal Gadot sang the popular Beetles song during the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Critics on all sides slammed the video for being “tone deaf,” and Rogan appears to agree. 

“Just the f—k up and wait, you’re a week away from filming again,” Rogan added. “Some of them are so wrapped up in the liberal, progressive ideology that they literally can’t see how dumb this looks to the rest of the world.”

Over the past few months, the liberal elites of Hollywood have shown that they are more out of touch with reality than ever.

We’re just glad that there are still celebrities like Joe Rogan around, who aren’t afraid to call them out on their nonsense. 

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