Former U.S. Men’s National Coach Calls It ‘Inappropriate’ To Play National Anthem Before Games

play national anthem soccer coach Bruce Arena

Bruce Arena, the former coach of the United States men’s soccer team, says he no longer feels that it is appropriate to play the national anthem before sporting events.

Bruce Arena Says National Anthem Is ‘Inappropriate’

68-year-old Arena coached the U.S. men’s team from 1998 to 2006. He now coaches New England Revolution in the Major Soccer League.

He recently told ESPN that he understands why athletes have been taking a knee during the national anthem. And, he doesn’t feel the national anthem should be played before major events anymore.

“I think it puts people in awkward positions,” Arena said. “We don’t use national anthem in movie theaters or on Broadway, or for other events in the United States. I don’t think it is appropriate to have a national anthem before a baseball game or an MLS game. But having said that I want it understood that I am very patriotic, but I think it is inappropriate.”

“Think about it,” he added. “In Major League Soccer, most of the players that are standing on the field during the national anthem are international players. They are not even Americans. So why are we playing the national anthem? With all due respect, I live in the greatest country in the world but I think it is inappropriate.”

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Bruce Arena Calls Himself “Most Patriotic Person” 

Despite his comments, the former U.S. Men’s coach still proclaimed himself to be “the most patriotic person.”

“I would tell you this: I’m the most patriotic person you’re ever going to be around,” Arena said. “As the national team coach at times, the national anthem, I was in tears — honored to represent the United States in World Cups and international matches. And I think playing the national anthem is clearly appropriate at those levels.”

“However, I question why we’re playing the national anthem in professional sporting events in our country,” he added. “I believe the history of the anthem was that it was brought in after World War II to kind of celebrate the baseball players and the people and our soldiers that participated in World War II. And then it was obviously extended to other sports to where it is today.”

Sorry, Bruce, but you don’t sound very patriotic to me! 

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What Will They “Cancel” Next?

It’s become painfully obvious at this point that the cancel culture mob is trying to dub anything that is remotely patriotic as “offensive.”

Next thing you know, we won’t be able to fly American flags outside of our home without being slammed by the radical leftwing mob. Actually, that’s already happened to a veteran in Texas.

As more and more people take a stand against the national anthem like Arena did, the rest of us will continue to question where this madness will end.

We can only imagine who or what the left will try to “cancel” next.