Dana White: Women’s 145 Division Will Likely End if Amanda Nunes Retires

Amanda Nunes hasn't officially retired yet. But, if the UFC champ-champ does walk away from fighting, it looks like the women's 145 division could go as well.

Not long after Amanda Nunes defended the featherweight title at UFC 25o earlier this month, the champ-champ reported that we may have seen her fight for the last time. Well, if that is indeed the case, it sounds like the UFC could shutter the women’s featherweight division.

White reports Nunes’s retirement could end 145 division

Nunes made history at the June 6th card, by becoming the first fighter in UFC history to defend titles in two different divisions, while still holding both belts. Nunes did so by handing Felicia Spencer a decision loss.

A few days after the event, Nunes reported on a Brazilian TV show that she’s thinking about retiring. Nunes and her wife Nina Ansaroff are expecting their first child, and the star noted that she would like to coach. 

So, if Nunes does retire, would the UFC continue to promote the female, 145 division? When White was asked about that recently while talking with the media, he said this (quotes via MMA Fighting).

“Probably not,” White said

“I literally just told the guys the other day to build that division,” White said. “Start signing girls, let’s start building that division, and now my girl’s talking about retirement, so apparently we gotta get on the same page and figure this out.”

When you consider the UFC doesn’t even have rankings yet for the women’s featherweight division, White’s comments shouldn’t be a surprise.

If Nunes does decide to continue fighting, hopefully the UFC does build out that division. That way, when Nunes does walk away from the game, the division will have more stars and it will continue to roll along.

White praises Nunes

The UFC President has made it clear that he doesn’t want the 32-year-old Nunes to retire. But, White says he’ll support her, if she does hang up the gloves.

“I hope she doesn’t [retire],” White said. “She’s one of my favorite people ever and coming off of the performance that she just put on, I think that the beautiful thing was she came out of the (Germaine) de Randamie fight and everyone was like, ‘She looked human,’ this, that, all the critics were all over her.

She fought arguably the best female striker of all-time, beat her, and she looked human in that fight.

“Then she came out and put a statement on her last performance. She looked incredible and put on an absolute clinic against one of the toughest women that I’ve ever seen in my life.

After a performance like that, I would hate to think that she would want to retire, but if that’s true, and that’s where she’s at right now, then she probably should.”

We shall see what happens. Will Nunes get the itch to keep fighting after she takes some time off? 

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