CM Punk Attacks AJ Styles For Silence During Social Change Crisis

CM Punk made some rather harsh statements about WWE's AJ Styles this week, claiming his silence says it all during the social change crisis.

While many WWE superstars responded to the current social change crisis, not every superstar has done so. In fact, AJ Styles is one of the men who has not responded on social media.

On social media, CM Punk has come down on AJ Styles for not responding during the social change crisis. But he implies something a little more harsh as well!

CM Punk Attacks AJ Styles For Silence During Social Change Crisis

CM Punk Slams AJ STyles for lack of comments

Punk took to social media to respond to AJ Styles’ silence regarding the current riots and George Floyd tragedy. It all started with a general tweet about people’s reactions during the social change crisis.

The tweet soon turned into something else though, as a fan pointed out AJ Styles’ silence in recent weeks. CM Punk responded with the now deleted tweet.

“Well. Come on. That one has been obvious for years.”

Obviously, this small tweet implies a lot of things about AJ Styles, even though they are not actually said. CM Punk probably realised that it went too far as well, as he promptly deleted the tweet.

Fans Come To The Defense Of AJ Styles

CM Punk attacked AJ Styles in a now deleted tweet

While some fueled the rumor mill after CM Punk attacked AJ Styles, others came to the defence of the WWE superstar. Here are some of the tweets from fans who responded to the tweet.

Fans are spot on when they say this kind of talk is toxic, especially in the current environment. If you choose not to participate as a prominent figure, it does not automatically mean you are a racist. 

Styles has never been accused of racism before, so this is the first time rumors like this are being spread. Styles also keeps his personal opinions and emotions from his social media, so it is not that unusual that he has not responded to recent events.

AJ Styles Has Not Yet Responded

AJ Styles still has to respond to the CM Punk attack

Despite the fact that CM Punk attacked AJ Styles in such a public way, The Phenomenal One still has to respond. While he is undoubtedly aware of the situation, he remains silent on the situation at the moment. 

While Styles has not been accused of racism in the past, he has used the word “f**” in the past, a derogatory term for gay people. However, it does need to be said that he used the word during promos in the nineties, so it does not reflect Styles’ actual opinion and that word was quite common in that era.

Styles has been a heel for most of his career, so it is not that unusual that he used some swear words common for the time. However, Punk calling him a racist in no uncertain terms is taking things to a whole new level.

We will have to wait and see how the situation unfolds between CM Punk and AJ Styles. For now, it is unlikely that both men will run into each other soon, as I am sure it might lead to a very uncomfortable situation.

Speaking out for the things you believe in is one thing, but accusing another of being a racist without evidence and destroying someone’s reputation is unacceptable. 

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