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WWE Nixed Plans For Bray Wyatt, Longtime Employee Departs

WWE may have nixed some interesting plans for Bray Wyatt and the Firefly Fun House, based on new reports. Also, a long-tenured WWE employee has left.

Bray Wyatt has undergone several changes since arriving in WWE. We’ve now learned of one change that almost happened, but has not yet and may not ever. Also, a longtime WWE employee has departed and we’ve got some news behind his exit.

WWE Nixed Plans For Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt has come a long way since he arrived in WWE, but for every plan, some don’t fly. We’ve learned WWE nixed plans for Bray Wyatt.

Specifically, WWE killed plans to go all in with the Firefly Fun House. That persona has done quite well for Wyatt, but if WWE had gone with a plan, we would have had more people involved.

As in, WWE had plans to make those Fun House puppets come to life. Yes, we could have seen Mercy and others represented as real life people.

Now, there’s not been any word that they would have been represented by current WWE Superstars being repurposed.

Of course, we have seen some puppets that could have been…so it’s fun to wonder where these plans could have gone.

Longtime Employee Departs

Unless you are super closely following WWE, you probably do not know the name Michael Mansury. Regardless, he had been with WWE for a long time, and was most recently their Vice President of Global Television Production.

You might have guessed a couple things. First, that role surely seems to be a very important one, and second, Mansury is no longer with WWE.

According to the report in the Wrestling Observer, Michael Mansury had been with WWE for over 11 years, working his way up to his VP post.

The move had been known, with Mansury reportedly giving notice several months ago. Still, his decision to leave WWE was not expected.

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The Observer goes on to explain that, while Mansury was seen as an heir apparent to Kevin Dunn’s post…Dunn does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Being blocked from further upward promotions may have been a motivating factor in jumping ship.

Here’s some more on the departure:

With Mansury thought so highly of, and seeking a bigger role…it’s worth wondering if he may have his eye on a bigger and bolder job. It’s also worth wondering if he may possibly be heading to AEW.

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