Tim Allen Is Thrilled to Announce ‘Last Man Standing’ Gets Renewed For Season 9

Fans of the FOX sitcom "Last Man Standing" are excited right now after Tim Allen announced that the television show has been renewed for a ninth season. 

Fans of the FOX sitcom “Last Man Standing” are excited right now after everyone’s favorite funny man Tim Allen announced that the hit sitcom got renewed for a ninth season. Each time the show clears the network chopping block is celebration-worthy given the show’s history.

‘Last Man Standing’ Renewed For Season 9

“Good news. Today Fox announced Last Man Standing is on for season 9!!!!” tweeted Allen, 66, according to Fox News

Tim Allen Relates To His Character

This comes just a month after Allen opened up about how the show’s cast can’t believe that they have already finished eight seasons of it. Time really has flown by!

He added that he particularly enjoys working on the show because it mirrors his own life, as he is the father of only daughters just like his character Mike Baxter is.

“Although [the ‘Last Man Standing’ cast] doesn’t replace the wonderful the beautiful ‘Home Improvement’ family that I still am close to, this family is now, we’re empty nesters,” Allen said. “Everybody at the show … has grown up …”

He specifically said that the episode in which Eve’s [Kaitlyn Dever] bedroom gets updated reminded him of his own daughters growing up. 

“You know, your kid’s not coming back,” Allen explained. “They’ll visit, they’re not going anywhere, but they’re not coming back to the bedroom they grew up in.”

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‘Last Man Standing’ Comes Back From Cancellation 

Fans were devastated when ABC cancelled “Last Man Standing” after it’s sixth season. The announcement came as a total shock given the sitcom’s success in the ratings.

Rumors quickly swirled that the super-liberal ABC decided to cancel the show because Allen’s character Baxter is a proud conservative who regularly mocks leftists.

Thankfully, the show was quickly picked up by FOX. And the sitcome has been a massive hit for the network ever since!

In fact, ‘Last Man Standing” averages 8 million viewers per episode making it the most-watched comedy on the network.

“The Resident and Last Man Standing are such important parts of Fox, and we’re so pleased they will be returning next season,” said Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn. “We want to thank all of the writers, actors, directors, producers and talented crews for both of these shows, and, of course, our friends and producing partners at 20th Century Fox Television.”

“Last Man Standing” is one of the few shows on television that not only doesn’t cater to liberals, but also has the courage to poke fun at them. We’re so glad that this awesome family show has been renewed, and we can’t wait to see what it has in store for us in season 9!

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