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On Monday night, CBS broadcast the primetime special “The Price is Right At Night” to raise money for Planned Parenthood. The special, which featured drag queen RuPaul, has already come back to bite them in a big way, however, as the game is show is facing serious backlash for raising nearly $100,000 for the ultra-liberal organization.

“Price Is Right At Night” Raises Nearly $100K For Planned Parenthood

Fox News reported that in the special, regular host Drew Carrey was joined by “RuPaul’s Drag Race” host RuPaul to raise money for the charity, as the game show promised to match all the contestants’ prize winnings with a donation to Planned Parenthood.

BACKSTORY: ‘Price Is Right’ PrimeTime Special To Feature Drag Queen Raising Money For Planned Parenthood

The episode was a lucrative one for the contestants, with them walking away with $97,266 in prizes, a total that will now be matched as a donation to Planned Parenthood. 

This special is already backfiring on CBS in a big way, with social media users letting the network know that while they appeased liberals with this special.

CBS alienated millions of conservative viewers who do not support Planned Parenthood for a variety of valid reasons.

CBS Faces Brutal Backlash

“I went to watch the price is rights night time special with RuPaul…but….his charity was planned parenthood. They lost this viewer. #TRUMP2020,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “The Price is Right at Night is raising money for the “charity” Planned Parenthood. Are you kidding me??? Wow… #whatisthisworldcomingto.”

Others specifically called out Planned Parenthood for performing abortions, pointing out that a major network like CBS should not be raising money for this practice. 

“Tell me I’m wrong but The Price is Right is a disgrace.  They raised $97,000+ for Planned Parenthood with their evening show tonight.  How many lives will be lost because if this?  They celebrate the deaths,” one disgruntled viewer wrote.

Liberals Celebrate “Price Is Right At Night”

Of course, liberals were also on-hand to celebrate the special and mock the Americans who were upset about it.

“Watching RuPaul on The Price is Right special tonight. They’re going to match whatever the contestants win and donate it to the charity of Ru’s choice and it’s Planned Parenthood. Middle America is freaking out,” someone who is clearly liberal commented. 

The entertainment industry has become such a liberal bubble that CBS actually thought they had the moral high ground on this one, but they are now learning the hard way that they were dead wrong.

The leftwing elites of Hollywood may worship Planned Parenthood, but much of the rest of America does not.

Networks like CBS might want to think about that next time before they launch another ridiculous special like this one. 

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