Must-See Vid: Mike Tyson Punishes Mitts With Frightening Hand Speed…at 53

Mike Tyson will turn 54 in a couple of months time, but the former boxing champ can still let the hands fly and then some.

Mike Tyson is buzzing the combat sports world once again, as a result of a video the former boxing champ recently shared out.

Image Credit: Twtter

Tyson lights up the mitts

Recently Tyson posted the video below, which shows him lighting up the mitts with ferocious hand speed and power.

When you consider Tyson will turn 54 in June, and that he hasn’t fought since 2005, how impressive was that?

Joe Rogan reacts

Since the video was shared out, UFC commentator and avid martial artist, Joe Rogan, tweeted out this (warning: explicit language).

Tyson retired from boxing in 2005 having gone 50-6 with 2 no-contests.

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