Georgia Fight

Georgia was one of the first states to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic. And, in no time at all, a video of a parking lot brawl went viral. Not only is it outrageous that people would throw down during a pandemic – but the flying karate kid move really makes this fight video exceptional. A man flies into the frame to land a “Karate Kid” style crane kick on one of the brawling women. And social media users just can’t get enough!

You can’t make this stuff up.

Georgia Parking Lot Brawl

The video, which was tweeted out on Wednesday by Barstool Sports, appears to show three women involved in a parking lot scuffle.

A mask-wearing security guard is breaking the women up, only to get drawn into the fight himself as an active fourth participant.

Suddenly, a man in a hockey jersey flies out of nowhere to kick the woman who appeared to be most in control of the altercation.

Then the man proceeds to pick up one of the other women, who was under the security guard, and run away with her.

You really have to see this to appreciate the absurdity of the entire situation. And that “Karate Kid” move!

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Parking Lot Brawl Goes Viral – Social Media Responds

Millions of Americans are still in quarantine. So we have nothing better to do than watch videos like this online.

It’s no wonder this wild parking lot brawl went viral. Or that social media users had a heyday with their color commentary.

Many users took this brawl next level by creating hilarious memes about life in the era of coronavirus. 

Others offered commentary on the fight itself. 

Some had words of praise for the security guard for adhering to guidelines by keeping his mask on through the chaos. 

Social Media Users Missed These Videos

In the end, it was clear that after weeks of lockdown, social media users missed these good ol’ American fight videos.


I guess we shouldn’t be that surprised that a parking lot brawl would break out on day 1 after quarantine.

This just goes to show that we’ve all been cooped up for way too long, so as more states reopen in the coming weeks, you should not be surprised to see more messy fight videos making the rounds on the internet! 

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