Brooklyn Teens Ignore Social Distancing To Take Part In Crazy Brawl (Video)

A viral video out of Brooklyn, New York shows police officers attempting to break up a rowdy teen brawl that flies in the face of social distancing.

A video is going viral the shows a group of teens in Brooklyn, New York ignoring social distancing guidelines to join in a massive brawl this week. The horde of teens can be seen throwing punches, breaking windows, and even scuffling with the cops who arrive on the scene to break it up.

Massive Brawl Breaks Out In New York City

According to The New York Post, the mob of teens gathered outside a building on Mother Gaston Blvd. near Eastern Parkway in Brownsville at around 6pm last Thursday. The video posted to Facebook captures the large group of teens mid brawl.

“This is no mother f–king social distancing,” the man recording the video can be heard saying. “They broke the window, yo! This is like some World War Z s–t!”

The shocking footage shows dozens of teenagers shoving and punching each other, climbing on top of cars, and even blocking traffic as they run into the street.

The raucous brawl goes on for minutes until police officers finally arrive on the scene to break it up.

Police Arrive On The Scene Of Teen Brawl

“The cops [are] right here now, it’s over now,” one teenager says. 

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As soon as the police arrive, they begin spraying the rowdy teens attempting to breach the already broken door. The presumed pepper spray seems to barely deter the fired up teens.

Cops can be seen dragging one teenage girl wearing a face mask away from the building as the video nears its end.

Police were reportedly called to the scene after someone called 911 claiming that a person had a gun.

However, officers on the scene said that they did not find any weapons, and no arrests were made. 

Video of the brawl has quickly gone viral, being viewed over 315,000 times in just a few days.

Many social media users slammed the youths in the video for ignoring social distancing guidelines amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Especially when its their city, New York, that has been hit the hardest.

Social Media Users Lash Out

“Where the hell are all their PARENTS??? Why are your children outside during a pandemic terrorizing the streets??” one social media user commented.

Then another added, “These animals just arent smart enough to understand they could ge spreading it even without being sick. Just going to have to let them get it and either get better or die.”

“You dont need conspiracy theories to see how stupid people are,” a third user wrote. “And folks this is why New York has so many cases.”

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This video is especially unfortunate to watch given the fact that New York City is struggling with coronavirus more than arguably any place else in the country right now.

Each and every one of these teenagers should have been home alone while this fight was taking place.

We can only hope that going forward these misguided youth choose to take social distancing more seriously. 

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