Although Dan Hardy hasn’t fought since 2012, the former welterweight challenger is still hoping to compete again. So, who is “The Outlaw” interested in fighting in his long awaited, and much discussed comeback bout? It looks like Donald Cerrone is at the top of the list.

Hardy explains why a fight with “Cowboy” makes sense

The British fighter and UFC analyst hasn’t fought since September, 2012, when he beat Amir Sadollah by decision. After that bout, it was revealed that Hardy had a rare heart condition called Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome, and his fighting career was halted as a result.

Hardy never announced he was retiring, however, and in recent years, he’s started taking steps towards a comeback. The 38-year-old has entered USADA’s testing pool, however, it’s still not clear when and who Hardy will fight next.

Well, while talking to Mike Swick recently, Hardy shared out his proposal for a bout with Cerrone (quotes via BJ

“I think Cowboy would be a great matchup for me. He’s a veteran,” Hardy said.

“The reality is he’s at the end of his career. That’s four losses in a row. I’ve been there myself. And I’m not saying that he can’t turn it around and pick up a couple of wins and stuff.

But he’s far enough away from a title shot now to just kind of pick and choose and have fun fights that make sense to him. And I think I make sense, I think it’d be a fun fight.”

“He’s had a lot of fights since the last time I’ve fought, he’s got a lot of experience, he’s also taken a lot of wear and tear.

I feel like I know his game very well because I’ve watched his fights over and over again. I just think it’d be a fun one. Maybe (the) loser leaves town. Maybe we’d fight for pink slips. Loser retires.”

Could we see Cerrone – Hardy?

It’s an interesting idea, and there’s lots to like about it. First off, from a style perspective, there’s lots to like about the match-up.

Both men are aggressive, pressuring fighters who typically prefer to strike (but both are dangerous on the ground as well).

And, in terms of where both men are at career wise, it does make sense. Cerrone is 37 now, and although his recent fight with Anthony Pettis was close, he has lost four straight as Hardy noted.

So, Cerrone likely isn’t targeting match-ups at this juncture that are going to move him forward in title shot runs. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Hardy versus Cerrone in the not too distant future?

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