Adam Carolla Tucker Carlson metaphor for big government

Comedian, podcaster, and NYT bestselling author Adam Carolla appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show Thursday night to talk about the lockdown in California due to the coronavirus pandemic and delivered the perfect metaphor to describe the problem with big government. 

Adam Carolla Blasts California Governor Newsom

To start, Carolla told Carlson that he does not understand why California Governor Gavin Newsom shut down the beaches in Orange County earlier that day.

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“As far as I can tell, the coronavirus doesn’t live in the sun,” Carolla said. “[N]o one who goes to the beach is in jeopardy. I mean, the last I could tell, all the data says elderly and the morbidly obese, and they look bad in bathing suits. So there’s no way they’re going to the beach. It’s just the young, fit people. Let ’em have a good time.”

Adam Carolla’s Big Government Metaphor

That’s when the comedian made a comparison that was nothing short of perfection.

“[I] was thinking about the beaches and the sort of symbolism of the beaches,” he said. “And remember when you were a kid and you would go to the beach, and there was a beach sign, and it just said one thing on it? ‘Closed Midnight to 5 A.M.’ And every year, they started adding something to the sign — No frisbee. No dogs. No Beer. No smoking. Well, now it’s ‘No Beach.’”

“[T]he sign is a metaphor for big government,” Corolla added. “Nothing ever gets taken off the sign. Something gets added to the sign every time.”

Tucker Carlson Asks The Big Question

Carlson went on to ask Carolla if he would be following this order himself.

“I don’t know if I’m going…full Waco/Ruby Ridge or not, but I’m already walking along the horse trail behind my house, which has been cordoned off,” the comedian replied. “They cordoned off a horse trail in a suburban neighborhood. And there’s nobody on it, there never was anybody on it. And the last person I passed on a horse was eight feet away from me, because they were eight feet above me.”

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“It’s just time to open things up, ’cause now we’re doing stories about dogs getting the coronavirus, and I’m starting to go stir crazy,” Carolla concluded before signing off by saying, “I’m gonna go build a castle made of sand.” 

Common Sense Conservatism

As per usual, Carolla has hit the nail on the head!

The man may pride himself on the’rantings and ravings’ of his hit “Adam Carolla Show” podcast, but somehow this radio and TV personality manages to anchor his message with a heavy dose of common sense. 

No doubt the former “Man Show” star’s style is not for everyone. But I’ll take Carolla’s ranting over his former “Man Show” co-host Jimmy Kimmel’s one-note drivel any day!

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Fans of Kimmel might want to ensure their emotional support animal is close by before wading too deep into Carolla’s ranting.

It’d be nice to see a few more Hollywood personalities with a good head on their shoulders like Adam Carolla. We need more common sense conservatives!