WWE Changes Hardy's History

WWE Changes Jeff Hardy’s History

WWE Changing Hardy History

Jeff Hardy has recently returned to WWE television after a long absence. WWE has been hyping him with plenty of vignettes, but it appears that WWE is changing Hardy history.

Now, while these well-done vignettes have been very candid and revealing, they have not been 100% honest.

Fans may have been surprised to see WWE being very open about Hardy’s past transgressions. However, in one instance while they discuss a prior arrest, they omit one substance he was arrested for.

Specifically, the Wrestling Observer noted that the vignettes gloss over the fact that Jeff Hardy was caught with steroids.

While the reports from back then indicate Hardy was in possession of steroids, WWE’s position is to the contrary. Their official position is that, had he been busted with steroids, they would have included mention of that in the report.

It’s an interesting position to take. As they are building up a Hardy redemption arc, they are being quite revealing about his past demons.


In theory, they wouldn’t have much reason to obscure the details, especially considering someone will be able to dig up the truth. Either Hardy really wasn’t arrested with steroids, and WWE is pushing that truth in support of him…

Or, WWE doesn’t want to discuss steroids linked to any Superstar, and is willing to take this risk.

From where I sit, it is a pretty big risk. I have to think the company has done their homework on this, and is being smart.

In this day and age, it will not take long for someone to come forward and dispute the facts. In fact, should there be other information out there, it’s a safe bet someone will shine some light on it.

So, if WWE is spinning an alternative truth, it could be very bad. Time will tell if they made the right move.

More On Howard Finkel’s Passing

WWE, and the wrestling world as a whole, lost a legend last week. Howard Finkel passed away, and we lost an iconic voice.

Tommy Dreamer was one of The Fink’s close friends, which may be a surprise to some (it was to me). Dreamer visited often with the iconic ring announcer.

After Finkel’s death last week, some had begun to speculate on the cause of death. It was not coronavirus-related, as may have been suspected in this day and age.

It was also not a stroke, as others have speculated. Tommy Dreamer spoke with Busted Open Radio to clear things up.

Dreamer revealed that his close friend had actually been suffering from a terrible genetic brain disorder. This disease caused a shrinking of The Fink’s brain, and ultimately contributed to his death at age 69 last week.

In the end, it’s good to have the clarity, but no matter the cause of death, we lost a major presence in wrestling. Many of us can easily and vividly recall The Fink’s iconic cadence. 

A ring entrance was made that much better. A title change that much more official. 

All because Howard Finkel, best known as The Fink, had been blessed with a gift. Rest in peace, Fink.