Vitor Belfort Talks ONE Debut, Says he “Wasn’t Happy”, Dealt With Injuries in Final UFC Fights

Vitor Belfort finished his UFC run having won only one bout in his final four fights with the promotion. But recently "The Phenom" reported he wasn't at his physical and mental best during that time.

Several of Vitor Belfort’s final fights with the UFC didn’t go according to plan. As the legend managed to win just one bout in his final four contests with the promotion.

But more recently the legendary fighter opened up about those final bouts, and Belfort claims he was dealing with mental and physical adversity.

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Belfort “wasn’t happy”, was dealing with injuries

The Brazilian star went 1-3, with no-contest, in his final five UFC bouts. Following Belfort’s KO loss to Lyoto Machida in May, 2018, at UFC 224, the former champ said he was retiring. Not long after, however, Belfort let it be known he had changed his mind and he ultimately signed with ONE Championship.

Well, recently the 43-year-old fighter spoke with MMA Junkie. While reflecting on his final time with the UFC, and his new deal with ONE, Belfort said the following.

“‘I don’t want to be like my last four fights,” Belfort said. “I was fighting with injuries. I wasn’t happy.

The situation is not what I wanted at the time, and I think now I kind of enjoy it. I was waiting for the moment, that thing to light up again.

Everyone has their time. People get busy, people get complacent, and my thing is more that I didn’t want to fight out of need.

I want to fight out of will, and I’m in the right place right now, at a place of happiness.”

Now, sure, Belfort critics might argue he’s just making excuses for what transpired in the bouts. Or, note that the losses came due to the fact he’s far removed from his prime.

But, Belfort didn’t come out and outright say he would have defeated, say, Machida or Kelvin Gastelum, if not for what was going on.

Belfort’s ONE debut?

All that aside, Belfort went throughout 2019 without fighting, and it’s not clear when he’ll make his ONE debut. But, while talking about that subject, Belfort reported talks were underway to make that happen, before the coronavirus pandemic.

“So my agent has been taking to Chatri (Sityodtong) to finalize a fight, but then all of this came along,” Belfort said. “It’s crazy.

Everything is put on hold, but I’m definitely looking forward to step back into action and bring something (new), reinvent myself again. I think that will be the last time and for sure, I’m excited to go back to action.”

“I’m interested in doing something out of the box,” Belfort said. “Everyone is doing something and people get burned out of fights.

People don’t know what to watch, where to pay, what to pay attention to, but really what draws people are personalities. …

“I’m really interested in bringing something that people makes people go, ‘Oh my God, where did that come from?’ So that’s were me and ONE are coming together, trying to do something that’s really going to draw the attention and bring a unique product to the market place. …

Based on these comments, it sounds like we could see Belfort fighting under a different ruleset. ONE Championship also promotes kickboxing and Muay Thai fights, and it’s also held boxing and grappling matches too.

Belfort has expressed an interest before in fighting boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. with modified rules.

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