UFC In The 2010s: Looking Back At Featherweight Division

Starting in 2010 with Jose Aldo, the UFC's featherweight division has been a topsy-turvy one filled with interim champs and Conor McGregor.

Right at the start of the decade, the UFC introduced featherweights with Jose Aldo holding the title.

Since that time, the division has continued to grow, with Conor McGregor, Max Holloway and current champion Alexander Volkanovski reigning supreme.

The UFC dissolved the WEC and with it the featherweight division. Aldo was the champion in that promotion, and became the first-ever UFC featherweight champion.

He dominated his way through the weight class before his epic encounter with McGregor, and stunning fall from grace.

The division has been filled with interim champions through the past 10 years, as well.

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Alexander Volkanovski

At UFC 245 in late December, Alexander Volkanovski worked his way to the top of the featherweight division.

Volkanovski entered as the challenger, but left with a victory over Max Holloway and the UFC title.

His reign spans just over 100 days.

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