Donald Cerrone

If you’ve followed Donald Cerrone over the years, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s already booked for another fight, after quickly being taken out by Conor McGregor. But, none of that means that “Cowboy” isn’t still bitterly disappointed in how things went at UFC 246.

Cerrone says his “heart is still hurt”

The rugged vet has agreed to fight Anthony Pettis at UFC 249, which will go down on May 9th in Jacksonville, Florida.

The fight will mark the first time Cerrone has fought, since McGregor put him away in just 40 seconds on January 18th. Moments into the highly-anticipated bout, McGregor rocked Cerrone with shoulder strikes, and then finished the fight with a follow-up barrage.

After the crushing loss, there were reports that Cerrone had suffered a broken orbital bone. But that turned out not to be the case. 

While discussing the damage he did take in the fight, recently, Cerrone told MMA Fighting this.

“My brain was definitely rattled from the ass-whooping I took in 40 seconds,” Cerrone said. “But I feel good. My eye healed up enough.

My heart is still hurt, but that’s what makes it a man’s sport. We go in there and figure it out.”

“That’s the only thing you can do is to suck it up and keep moving,” he said. “I can’t dwell on that.

Can’t sit and worry about all that. I had my moment. I let it go, but at the end of the day, I got in there and did it. I stood with one of the best and I’m proud.

“I’m proud of what I’ve become in the sport. I’m proud as a father. It’s what I do. I give people hope and I keep fighting. That’s how we do it.”

These are pretty standard comments for Cerrone, as the star has never been one to let setbacks keep him on the sidelines. It’s one of the reasons he’s a fan favorite.

Cerrone wants to get one back from Pettis

In Pettis, Cerrone will have the opportunity to avenge a defeat, as he was stopped by the former lightweight champ when they fought back in 2013. Although it doesn’t sound like Cerrone has any issues with Pettis, he is hoping to even the score with “Showtime”.

“Losing sucks, I don’t care who you are,” Cerrone explained. “So it’s absolutely something I want to get back. Looking forward to this fight.

“This is my wheelhouse. Taking fights on short notice, when no else is prepared and mentally I’m the strongest. I feel good. I feel hungry. Ready to go out there and do it.”

It’s an interesting fight. Not only should it be good from a style perspective, but both men need a win. Cerrone has dropped three in a row and Pettis has lost two straight.


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