piers morgan shames harry and meghan for LA high life

Prince Harry is finding living in a Los Angeles mansion with wife Meghan Markle “a bit challenging” after the two separated from the Royal Family. In return, Piers Morgan had some sharp words for Harry and his Hollywood wife. The outspoken Brit promptly pulled out his little violin for the couple’s absurd pity party. 

Jane Goodall Interviews Her Good Friend, Prince Harry

So how did this all start? Well, Jane Goodall, who is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, is a close friend of Prince Harry. And the unlikely pair stays in regular communication.

In a recent interview, Dr. Goodall was asked how her pal is transitioning to life in America.

The renowned primatologist likely had no idea how poorly her comments would be received by the public, and so she did Harry no favor by answering the question.

“I don’t know how his career is going to map out, but, yes, I’ve been in touch – though I think he’s finding life a bit challenging right now.”

As the entire world deals with a pandemic, it’s hard to have sympathy for Harry who left the United Kingdom to, in part, fulfill Meghan Markle’s Hollywood dream.

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People have lost their jobs. People have died. And so people are scared. But, Harry is finding his posh life in a Los Angeles mansion to be “challenging” as the video below details. 

Just watch for yourself:

Piers Morgan Has a Field Day With Prince Harry’s Pity Party

Prince Harry’s pity party fell hard on Piers Morgan’s deaf ears.

Morgan has been publicly critical of Meghxit. It was done in a cruel manner through an announcement on Instagram that was not coordinated with Buckingham Palace.

The move was viewed by many as a disgraceful way to treat the Queen. Piers Morgan understands this. 

First, the “Good Morning Britain” host sarcastically tweeted about Harry’s struggles by offering up a prayer for the spoiled prince.


Then Piers Morgan took a big swipe at Meghan and Harry for their complaints about living large in California in his editorial.

From The Sun:  

“This grates because they are currently in a mansion, which they are probably not even paying for, in Malibu, in Los Angeles, self-isolating having to do nothing at all.”

“Nobody wants to hear about Prince Harry’s challenging life.”

“We don’t want to hear about the struggle and battle of celebrities in multi-million-pound mansions.”

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Earlier this week, the talk show host applauded the Royal Family for their outreach during the coronavirus pandemic. Morgan applauded all of them, except Harry and Meghan.

“I’ve got to hand it to the Royal Family, the ones who stayed in the country…,” Morgan said. “I’ve got to hand it to them and say they’ve done a great job of what they should be doing, which is just being comforters and consolers for the nation, stable and calm.”

Piers Morgan is right about one thing – Prince Harry and Meghan are having their Marie Antoinette moment.

The spoiled ex-royals want the rest of us to shut up and eat cake – but they are the ones with the cake!

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