NEMESIS XI took place at Kingsway Indoor Stadium in Perth, WA in May 2016.

The world-class Muay Thai promotion was headlined by the WKN Intercontinental bout – Australia vs France, following a series of National and State championship matchups.

The event was dubbed The 2016 Best Muay Thai promotion in Australia.

In the main event Toby Smith of Australia faced off John Beausejour of France.

The undercard saw the best of Queensland and WA in a series of title bouts. The seven-fight lineup can be found below.

NEMESIS XI aired on FOX Sports Australia in 2016. The replay is now available on YouTube and right here in the video below.


Toby Smith vs Johane Beausejour

Jake Lund vs Millad Farzad

Chadd Collins vs Parviz Iskenderov

Benny Mahoney vs Ricardo Pisaneschi

Damon Nelson vs Brandon Spain

Jeremy Firth vs Ray Karaitiana

Emma Graham vs Kim Townsend

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