Derrick Lewis Makes His Call For Stipe Miocic vs. Daniel Cormier III

The UFC is hoping to have Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier throw hands for a third time, sometime this year, and recenetly Derrick Lewis made his prediction for the rubber match.

Dana White has reported that the UFC plans to have Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier fight again, and “DC” has said that it’s the only bout that will return him to the Octagon. So, who does Derrick Lewis think will win the fight? If and when it happens?

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Lewis makes his pick for Miocic – Cormier III

Since both Miocic and Cormier hold a victory over one another, there’s been talk about the two fighting again for months. Cormier ended Miocic’s first reign as the heavyweight champ in July, 2018, by knocking him out in the first round. Miocic reclaimed the belt last August, however, by stopping the former champ-champ in round four.

Recently Lewis spoke with MMA Junkie, and when asked to make his pick for the rubber match, the contender said this.

“I say Stipe will probably take it,” Lewis said. “It was a real close final round, whatever round that was that they had in the last fight, I believe it the third round, it was a real close fight. It was back-and-forth, it was entertaining and I thought DC was going to pull it off, but he got caught so I believe Stipe is probably still going to come in there and get the job done.”

There you have it. The rematch was certainly a thrilling bout, no question. Lewis hasn’t faced Miocic to date, but he did fight Cormier in November, 2018, and was submitted in round two.

Will Miocic – Cormier III happen though?

While the UFC is hoping to book Miocic – Cormier III, and summer has been floated for a timeline for the bout, it’s still not 100% certain it will happen. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s still not clear when the UFC will resume operations and recently Cormier said he’s planning to retire in late fall/winter.

Recently Miocic reported that he’s still incurring some vision issues, on account of an eye injury he sustained in his rematch with Cormier. While talking about a timeline for his next bout, Miocic also told ESPN this (quote via MMA Mania).

”I’m taking my time to get back and see how it works,” Miocic said. “See how the eye feels. [The doctor said] ‘you look good, take your time getting back, don’t be stupid.’ Right now my fight is with the coronavirus. Once this is over with and get back a normal life, then we’ll worry about it.”

So, hopefully, we get to see Miocic – Cormier III later this year. But, it’s not certain we will.

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