Dennis Quaid coronavirus is our 'World War II' moment and Trump

While most Hollywood celebrities whine about isolating in their Hollywood mansions or use coronavirus as an excuse to bash President  Donald Trump, Christian actor Dennis Quaid is going a different route by offering a message of hope amidst this pandemic. The I Can Only Imagine star sees an opportunity for this to become a defining moment for our generation.

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Dennis Quaid Hopes This Is Our ‘World War II Moment’

During an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Quaid talks about the positive changes that he hopes will come about once our country is reopened.

“I think this a time — this is our World War II moment and I think there is going to be a spiritual reawakening of this country,” said Quaid. “We already see it, everybody coming together. There’s going to be something really powerful and wonderful that comes out of all of this for us as a people … and the world.” 

The Far From Heaven star went on to add that he is already seeing Americans “re-learning how to do many things in our lives” and “take care of others at the same time.”

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Coronavirus has already forced 65-year-old Quaid to postpone his wedding to Lauren Savoie, 26. The wedding was originally scheduled to take place on April 4.

Postponing had to be difficult, but Quaid made it clear they’re not letting it get them down. 

“We are here making lemons out of lemonade, and when the quarantine is over we are going to make different plans and have some lemonade,” he said. 

Dennis Quaid Applauds President Trump

Quaid’s Fox interview comes right on the heels of him defying the liberal world of Hollywood to praise Trump for the way he has handled the coronavirus so far.

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“I think Trump, no matter what anybody thinks of him, is doing a good job at trying to get these states — and all of the American people — what they need, and also trying to hold our economy together and be prepared for when this is all over,” Quaid told the Daily Beast

“I think the president is handling it in a good way. We see him on television every day, he’s involved, and the travel ban early on was a great idea–which he did in spite of protest about that,” the actor later added.

Of course, these comments sparked tons of backlash. Quaid’s comments did not find favor with the anti-Trump crowd, but that did not stop him from speaking his truth. 

Backlash A Plenty

Liberals swiftly bombarded Quaid with tons of backlash simply for saying positive things about Donald Trump:

It’s Time To Unify

Most importantly and impressively, Quaid has also been calling for Americans to unify and get behind President Trump, regardless of their politics:

“You know, the world has never experienced this, and I don’t think it’s a time to be political. I think it’s just time to get behind our government and have everybody do what they can. If you want to point blame after, that’s another story, but right now I think we all just really need to come together on this. I do appreciate that Trump is giving the briefings and on television every day giving out the information, and I think they have great people handling it. Just one more thing out side of that: Despite presidents, Congress, and political parties, this is the United States of America, and we’re a very adaptable people in situations like this, and I think we’re all going to get through it. My heart goes out to everyone.”

Every American should want a positive outcome and a healthy country on the other side. Thus it only makes sense to root for the President and America’s successful response – vs. against it.

It’s sad that we live in a time when wanting unity and supporting the president is seen as controversial. Shouldn’t we all be praying for our this country and Donald Trump right now?

It would be great if this really is our “World War II moment”. But that will only happen if everyone can put their politics aside to allow us to come together as one.

Here’s hoping that we can rise up and overcome together. 

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