Chael Sonnen Calls on Jon Jones to “Just be a Scumbag”

Following Jon Jones' latest run-in with the law, Chael Sonnen claims it's time for the champ to go full blown heel.

Now that Jon Jones has had another highly publicized, run-in with the law, Chael Sonnen claims it’s time for the UFC’s light-heavyweight champ to go full heel.

But, according to Sonnen, that wouldn’t involve “Bones” pretending to be a bad guy. It would be Jones acting like his real self…

Jon Jones
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Sonnen calls on Jones to “just be a scumbag”

In March, Jones made headlines after he was arrested in Albuquerque, New Mexico and charged with driving under the influence, negligent use of a firearm and possession of an open container (authorities released bodycam footage of the arrest). 

Since then, Jones reached a plea deal with authorities, which if he follows, will ensure he avoids jail time.

The incident was just the latest for the controversial fighter. In 2012, Jones was arrested for driving under the influence, and in 2015, he was arrested due to a hit-and-run. This past September, Jones pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct, as a result of an alleged incident with a waitress. 

So, on account of this record, Sonnen recently lit up the renowned fighter while speaking to “Submission Radio” (quotes via Bloody Elbow).

“I think Jon Jones since his latest arrest, I mean, the mask is off,” Sonnen said. “The world’s known he’s a scumbag for a while, but now that he’s finally in touch with just what a dirty guy he is and now he’s putting out interviews, he’s steering into it.”

“Look, from a liveability and civility standpoint, okay, go ahead and question Jon Jones’ character,” he explained.

“I’m speaking about from a marketing and promotional standpoint, he’s doing everything right. The gig is up, everybody knows.”

“You were on TMZ in handcuffs crying about ‘I want to go home and be with my kids’. Dude, it’s two in the morning and you’re firing guns while shooting and running donuts in a parking lot drunk on tequila.

Your time to be with your… are your kids even still up, you bum?

“The fact that he would be that level of a scumbag, just go with it, just be a scumbag,”

Will Jones go full heel?

Will we see Jones change how he acts in interviews and public appearances? Well, if you’ve followed Jones over the years, you know that he has become more outspoken over time, and he certainly isn’t shy about tossing around insults.

But, at the end of the day, it’s hard to imagine Jones turning full heel, like say, Colby Covington did. It hasn’t happened yet, despite Jones’ well-documented issues and incidents. 

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