Celine Dion

Award-winning singer Celine Dion took to Twitter this week to remind her followers to practice social distancing in the best way possible by reworking the lyrics to her hit song “My Heart Will Go On” to fit the coronavirus pandemic.

Celine Dion Changes Up Lyrics To ‘My Heart Will Go On’

Fox News reported that Dion shared a gif of her music video for the 1997 hit, which was featured in the movie Titanic, writing the rewritten lyrics alongside the image.

“Near, far wherever you are… make sure you’re practicing social distancing! // Near, far, wherever you are… assurez-vous de pratiquer la distanciation sociale ! – Team Céline,” Dion wrote.

What a fun take on an otherwise not so fun practice! While many of us are missing our friends and family, it’s good to see Celine is keeping her sense of humor while we quarantine.

The CDC is still promoting social distancing around the United States. The guidelines suggest that people keep 6 feet (2 meters) from others, not go out in groups, and avoid crowded places.

No doubt the CDC is thrilled to have the multi-platinum singer champion their cause!

Celine Dion Almost Didn’t Record ‘My Heart Will Go On’

“My Heart Will Go On” is arguably Celine Dion’s biggest hit, which is why it came as a surprise recently when she told “Watch What Happens Live!” host Andy Cohen that she initially almost turned it down.

“There was one song that I didn’t want to record, and I’m glad they didn’t listen to me,” she said of “My Heart Will Go On,” adding “it’s true” when the audience gasped.

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“It didn’t appeal to me. I was probably very tired that day — very tired,” Dion went on to say. “My husband [the late René Angélil] said, ‘Let’s hold on.’ He talked to the writer and he said, ‘Let’s try to make it, like, a little demo.’”

Dion reluctantly performed the song just the one time, leaving composer James Horner and writer Will Jennings to create the film’s score around her original recording. 

“I sang the song once and they built the orchestra around it. I never re-sang it for the recording. So the demo is the actual recording,” she remembered, joking, “but after that, I’ve sang it about 3 gazillion times.”

The song ended up being a massive hit, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1998 and making the movie’s soundtrack a No. 1 for an astounding 16-week run.

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JoJo Changes Her Song Lyrics 

Dion isn’t the only singer reworking lyrics of her hit songs to fit coronavirus. The singer JoJo converted her hit song “Leave (Get Out)” to the coronavirus-themed “Chill (Stay In).”

“So you’re gon’ learn how/To cook now/And practice good hygiene,” she sings. “I know you’re bored and want to fuck around, but not on me.”

It’s nice to see celebrities finding ways to have fun and spread joy during this difficult time!