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Hollywood actress and singer Bette Midler found herself in hot water this week after praising “housekeepers around the globe” on social media. While that might sound kind at face value, it loses its charm when you realize the diva is just now getting acquainted with her own household and appliances after being forced to self-isolate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Midler’s tweet came back to bite her, however, as social media users began slamming the longtime member of the Hollywood elite for being tone-deaf.

Bette Midler’s Tone-Deaf ‘Housekeepers’ Tweet

“I never knew my appliances as well as I’m starting to know them. So grateful to #Kenmore and #Maytag,” Midler tweeted on Tuesday to her two million followers.

“This is no joke. I salute housekeepers around the globe, doing your best to keep your families well, safe and alive.”

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It didn’t take long for that tweet to blow up in Midler’s face. Social media users from around the globe were quick to point out how out of touch with reality she clearly is.

Social Media Users Blast Bette Midler

While The Divine Miss M disguised her self pity and entitlement with a dash of praise for people who actually do household chores, those people saw right through it!

“Sounds like someone was forced to do her own laundry!” one social media user commented, with another simply adding, “Are you for real?”

“Welcome to the real world princess,” commented another user, with a fourth writing, “Wow. This really puts how out-of-touch you are in context.”

When Celebrities Lecture Americans About “How To Live”

“And you honestly believe you should be telling everyday Americans how to live???” another responder questioned, according to Fox News. “You only just now met a d–n washing machine…. probably had to read the d–n instruction booklet. OMFG.”

This last comment undoubtedly refers to the fact that Bette Midler is another member of the Hollywood elite who loves to bash President Donald Trump.

She also enjoys lecturing Americans about how they should vote politically.

Earlier this week, Midler nonsensically claimed that Trump’s “overwhelming jealousy of Barack Obama will kill us all,” offering no proof to back this up.

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Midler is a prime example of a narcissistic Hollywood star who is so full of herself that she thinks she knows everything about everything.

In reality, however, she knows absolutely nothing, as her years of wealth in the spotlight has caused her to lose all perspective of what real working class Americans think.

This is exactly why Bette Midler and her fellow members of the Hollywood elites should keep their big mouths shut about politics, and stop telling the rest of us how to live our lives.

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