Sheamus Claims New Talent Gets Less Advice

When you hear the stories about the WWE, you often hear how WWE veterans give new talent valuable advice. However, it seems like those days are long gone.

WWE legend and veteran Sheamus said that new talent is getting less advice than they used to get. He revealed this during an interview with Cultaholic.

Helpful Vibe Missing From The Locker Room

Sheamus Claims New Talent Is Getting Less Advice

According to Sheamus, the helpful vibe that was present when he started in the WWE is no more in the current locker room. He stated that The Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Randy Orton, and John Cena helped him a lot when he started out. Now, he says the vibe is very different.

“But the locker room really is missing that sort of vibe. Taker, when I was there Taker was giving me advice, Triple H, Shawn (Michaels), Edge, Cena. I worked with Randy (Orton) a lot as well. So, that’s kind of missing a bit.”

Main Roster Versus NXT Locker Room

Ricochet Received Help From Shawn Michaels In NXT

The main roster locker room may be a little short on advice, but this does not seem to be the case for the NXT locker room. When you look at a lot of the backstage footage of the black and gold brand, it seems that WWE veterans are more than happy to pass on their knowledge.

One of the men that has been quite involved with newly acquired talent is Shawn Michaels. Ricochet explained during an interview how Shawn Michaels really helped to fine-tune his skills as a sports entertainer. He also mentioned how Michaels was very involved in his journey.

The statements made by Sheamus are quite telling though.

Even when you look at the interviews of main roster stars who recently came up from NXT. Many look back fondly to their NXT time, and some have even chosen to return.

Finn Balor is one of the biggest stars who made his return to the black and gold brand. Tyler Breeze did the same as well. It shows that there is a really clear difference in how things are run.

An Absence Of A Clear Locker Room Leader?

Seth Rollins was mentioned as the WWE locker room leader at one point

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk about locker room leaders. Locker room leaders seem to be changing like the wind. Roman Reigns was mentioned at one point, and Seth Rollins shortly afterwards. It shows that there might be a problem with the locker room leader position. So, who do wrestlers go to for advice?

Even though the WWE employs many veterans such as Orton, Lesnar, Cena, Edge, and Taker. These veterans are not always present backstage. As a consequence, those WWE veterans are not readily available to talk with.

I wonder if the clear absence of a locker room leader could have an influence on the locker room situation at the moment? There seems to be a much more solid support system on NXT, so maybe a similar hierarchy should be worked out for the main roster?

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