The Best Kept Secrets About the WWE Locker Room

Here's a look behind the scenes into some secrets of WWE's locker room where Raw and SmackDown stories continue outside of the ring.

We see a lot of stories play out on Raw and SmackDown every week, but those stories are certainly not limited to those playing out inside the ring. Are you ready to discover some of the WWE’s locker room secrets?

Phone Calls Are Banned

Enzo Amore

One of the unspoken rules in the WWE locker room is that phone calls are not allowed. Some wrestlers like to prepare for their match in peace, so other wrestlers on the phone is disruptive.

Not everyone kept to the golden rule of no phone calls in the locker room. Before he was fired from the WWE in 2018, it is claimed Enzo Amore was one of the most unpopular superstars backstage. One of the things Enzo supposedly did was take phone calls in the locker room while other wrestlers were trying to get ready.

Brock Lesnar Does Not Share His Locker Room

Brock Lesnar

While many WWE superstars have to share a locker room, the same does not apply to Brock Lesnar. In fact, Brock Lesnar has his own private locker room.

Naturally, the preferential treatment Brock Lesnar has received over the years has upset more than one WWE superstar. His private locker room combined with a schedule most superstars can only dream of undoubtedly caused a lot of backstage resentment.

Cena Watches All The Matches

John Cena

It’s no secret that John Cena is dedicated to wrestling and that he has a genuine love for the business. John takes preparation seriously, too, as it is rumored he watches all the matches in the locker room.

According to Kevin Owens, who was interviewed on Talk Is Jericho, Cena watches the matches in the locker room and determines which superstars are standing out. He also gauges the crowd, enabling himself to prepare better.

Locker Room Leader Switch

With Roman Reigns relinquishing his title for medical reasons, there has been a locker room leader switch on both Raw and SmackDown. With some of the staples being semi-retired – including John Cena and The Undertaker – there was room for some new leaders.

On SmackDown Live, it appears Daniel Bryan has taken the role of the locker room leader. Seth Rollins is currently the locker room leader for Raw.

Wrestler’s Court Is Banned


Wrestling fans have heard the term “wrestler’s court” more than once. Wrestler’s court was a non-official trial and punishment system for WWE stars who did something wrong. Back in the day, wrestler’s court was presided by the honourable Undertaker.

While wrestler’s court certainly had some benefits over the past couple of years, the WWE decided to ban the unofficial court. Their concern is mainly over fears that the court could turn into a system for bullying. Now, the WWE has a team in place to deal with superstar’s complaints about their colleagues.

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