Meghan Markle Nabs Disney Job After Prince Harry Solicits Studio Head

Meghan Markle returns to Hollywood in a Disney film coming out next month after Prince Harry asked the CEO Bob Iger to cast her.

Three years after she gave up acting to become a member of the British royal family, Meghan Markle will make her return to Hollywood with a voiceover role in a Disney film. Meghan’s big break comes just months after her husband Prince Harry was caught on camera asking Bob Iger, then the head of Disney, to give his wife a job. 

Meghan Markle Narrates New Disney Documentary 

It was just confirmed that Meghan narrates the upcoming Disney documentary “Elephant” in a report by The New York Post. The Duchess’ involvement was confirmed when the trailer for the movie dropped on Thursday. “Elephant” will be available to livestream on Disney+ beginning April 3.

Prince Harry Rubs Elbows With Disney CEO 

In July of last year, at the London premiere of Disney’s remake of The Lion King, Harry was seen hinting to Disney CEO Bob Iger that Meghan would be interested in taking a role in one of his movies. 

“You know she does voiceovers,” Harry said in the video. 

“Oh, really?” Iger is seen responding. 

“Did you know that?” asked Harry. “You seem surprised.”

Harry then gestured towards Meghan and said, “She’s really interested.”

Iger appeared to agree with Harry’s proposition, saying that Disney would “love to try” working with Meghan on a future project. 

Meghan Markle Wasted No Time In Going Hollywood 

Meghan spent years desperately trying to make it in Hollywood before her marriage to Harry. But the 38-year-old found little success in the industry.

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While she did eventually score a regular role on the USA cable network show “Suits”, Meghan certainly had little chance of landing a role in a major Disney film. Must be nice being married to a prince who can step in and make sure studio bigwigs hire you for movies. 

It’s ironic that Meghan fancies herself to be such a strong feminist, yet she has no problem with her husband openly intervening to secure cushy, high-profile jobs for her. 

Meghan’s new job reveal comes just weeks after the couple stepped down as senior members of the royal family. So it’s clear that she had an end game all along and wasted no time in “going Hollywood”.

Now the Duchess can have the type of movie career that she could only dream of before her marriage. Thanks, Prince Charming!

This may be Meghan’s first movie role back in Hollywood, but you should expect it to be far from her last. Meghan Markle might not have hit big in Hollywood on her own, but now she has Prince Harry to represent her. Like we said, it must be nice…

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