Democrat Andrew Yang schools Joy Behar about AOC on "The View"

Joy Behar suffered an embarrassing moment on the ABC talk show “The View” this morning after she showed off her ignorance by calling for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to be appointed Vice President. The liberal cohost was promptly shut down by Andrew Yang. The 2020 Democrat dropout explained to Joy why Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t qualify for the VP position.

Andrew Yang Talks About Biden’s Potential VP

Failed 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang cohosted “The View” today. Yang began the segment by talking about what running mate would be the best choice for front-runner Joe Biden. Yang also pointed out that he has not yet endorsed anyone in the 2020 race.

“Joe called me a couple days ago. I’ve said I want to have the democratic process play out,” Yang said. “I’ve also said that everyone knows I ran on this idea of universal basic income and that if a candidate were to come out powerfully for the freedom dividend, that would go a very long way.”

“Like you said, there are a lot of great choices,” Yang replied. “I do think that if Joe is the front-runner which he is right now, he needs to shore up his support among young people in particular and I think his running mate might have a good opportunity to do that.”

Joy Behar Shows Her Ignorance

That’s when Behar decided to show off her ignorant side.

“AOC would be a good choice except she’s a Bernie person,” Behar interjected.

“She’s also not old enough,” the conservative Meghan McCain said, shutting her down.

“She’s not? As a VP?” Behar question, sticking to her guns.

“You have to be 34,” McCain added, with Yang jumping in to say, “There’s a minimum age for president, and it’s conceivable that the vice president is going to be president.”

Instead of admitting her mistake in floating Ocasio-Cortez’s name, a clearly-flustered Behar changed the subject, saying “What’s this I heard you wanted to run for mayor of New York?”

“I love this idea,” McCain said.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Behar has displayed her ignorance. Or her bias. And it certainly won’t be the last

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The unabashed liberal has given the American public example after example of both while enjoying her platform as a cohost on the popular daytime talk show.

ABC Gives Liberals A National Platform

It continues to be both astounding and disturbing that ABC gives a platform to a woman who is clearly as hopelessly ignorant as Joy Behar.

She has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about when it comes to politics, yet she is paid absurdly big bucks to talk about politics every day on “The View”.

At the very least, Joy Behar could do some research before she opens her mouth about a political situation. At this point, she’s only embarrassing herself.

As President Trump would say: SAD!

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