Jairzinho Rozenstruik Discusses Plans For Training, With Francis Ngannou Bout Still up in The Air

Initially, Jairzinho Rozenstruik was supposed to throw hands with Francis Ngannou in less than one weeks' time. But, following the bout's postponment due to the coroanvirus, Rozenstruik's commented on the situation and how he's moving forward.

Although Jairzinho Rozenstruik has had the biggest opportunity of his MMA career tossed into the air, due to the ongoing coronavirus, the surging heavyweight contender is remaining upbeat. In addition, Rozenstruik’s reporting he’s remained in the United States, in case the UFC finds a way to have him fight Francis Ngannou soon.

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Rozenstruik comments on Ngannou bout’s postponement

Originally, Rozenstruik was booked to fight Ngannou in the headliner of UFC Columbus, which was scheduled for March 28th. It was a fight that for any fan who enjoys watching dangerous heavyweights throw hands, they weren’t going to miss.

But, due to the restrictions on public gatherings as a result of the coronavirus, the UFC was forced to postpone the card. As it stands right now, it’s not clear if and when the bouts that were scheduled for the event, will end up happening.

Despite the postponement, however, Rozenstruik has remained in the U.S and he continues to train. While speaking to MMA Junkie recently, the Surinamese fighter reported this.

“For now, I’m going to stay and keep training until the UFC comes with a solution to the situation,” Rozenstruik said. “I completely understand – it’s for everyone’s health, even mine. So the battle has to wait until the solution comes. We’ll be ready for sure.”

“I’m going to stay in Florida, (and) as long as the UFC calls me with some news maybe I can decide if I’m going to go back home or stay here and keep training,” Rozenstruik said. “What I don’t hope is that it’s going to take a long time. I hope the situation settles fast and we deal with this coronavirus so we can keep moving in life.

“I just wait until they come with an answer with news, so we’ll see. I have no rush to go back home for now, especially because I’m in my best shape, so I want to keep that pace and see if a date comes.”

“This is out of our hands, so we just have to adjust to the situation, and we had no problem doing that because it’s for everybody’s health,” Rozenstruik said. “Even for my opponent – if he’s not healthy, he cannot fight. He can’t put the best version of himself (in there), so I’m happy that this situation its being controlled and my opponent is still the same. It’s canceled for now, but I know for sure the UFC will come with a solution as soon as possible.”

So, you have to admire Rozenstruik for is resiliency, considering the situation, and it’s clear he really hopes the bout with Ngnanou materializes sooner than later.

UFC’s upcoming schedule still unclear

As this is being written, however, it’s still not clear when the UFC will resume operations. Dana White has continued to insist that the promotion will find a way to hold it’s April 18th, UFC 249 bout, and Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson. But, if you listen to most experts, they’re not expecting normal life to resume anytime soon on account of the pandemic.

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