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Christian film I Still Believe topped the box office on its opening day proving there is a tremendous demand for Hollywood to make faith based films. A star studded line-up certainly didn’t hurt with heartthrob KJ Apa, Britt Robertson, Gary Sinise, and Shania Twain all in leading roles. Money talks and hopefully Tinseltown listens to this loud and clear message that we want to see more movies that highlight Christianity. The movie was so well received that it earned a 99% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Jeremy Camp’s Love & Loss

I Still Believe tells the story of Christian recording artist Jeremy Camp’s first marriage.

The award winning singer met his soon-to-be wife, Melissa, in San Diego while leading worship for a church group. The movie shows us the personal struggle he encounters after losing his beloved Melissa to cancer just four months after they married.

It’s a journey through the joy of their relationship, Camp’s extreme heartbreak at losing Melissa so young, and then his redemption and recovery through his faith in Jesus. 

Much like the Christian blockbuster I Can Only Imagine by the same filmmakers, this movie shows us how our faith can help us overcome tremendous obstacles. While also offering us so much hope.

The must-see film cast some of our favorite stars in Shania Twain and Gary Sinise. The two play the roles of the Christian singer’s parents. 

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Gary Sinise has a particularly important role as father, Tom. Jeremy Camp’s father was a pastor and the one who taught him how to play guitar. He is also the one who marries Jeremy and Melissa.

Gary Sinise And Shania Twain Star In I Still Believe

Sinise’s bright star might draw people to see I Still Believe who normally would not watch a faith-based film. That’s powerful in itself as people who have never experienced Christ’s love will get a taste of it in the theater for the first time. 

Jeremy Camp thanked his social media followers for making the movie based on his life a tremendous success.

“Thanks to everyone who went out yesterday to support the film. I know times are crazy and uncertain right now, but we should never be controlled by fear,” the Christian singer wrote in the Instagram post below. “Stay healthy and remember God is in control! Love you guys! #istillbelieve””

I Still Believe topped the box office the entire weekend for new releases. It was second overall. That’s a tremendous shot in the arm for Christians seeking family friendly entertainment.

In fact, there is such a demand for this faith based film that it is being shown in IMAX theaters as well. 

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Even in the midst of the CDC’s calls for social distancing, people flocked to the theater to support this film. 

While box office sales were lower than usual because of the outbreak, people still came out to see I Still Believe.

We were worried that opening weekend would be negatively impacted by world events, but in the end I suppose that all we needed was a little faith. 

A video trailer for this must-see movie can be watched below. 

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