Gilbert Burns Believes Acting, Egos & Rapping is Why Tyron Woodley’s no Longer a “Beast”

Tyron Woodley has made it clear he intends to reclaim the UFC's welterweight belt. But, Gilbert Burns is questioning whether the fighter's best days are behind him, on account of his acting and rapping aspirations.

It wasn’t that long ago really, when many folks were crediting Tyron Woodley for being one of the greatest welterweights the game has ever seen. But, following his one-sided loss to Kamaru Usman in March, 2019, Gilbert Burns believes Woodley’s acting and rapping aspirations have led to his decline.

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Burns says Woodley’s no longer a “beast”

Before Woodley faced Usman at UFC 235 last spring, the star had retained the 170 crown four times, after he violently took it from Robbie Lawler in 2016. Although Woodley’s run as champ wasn’t approaching that of Georges St-Pierre’s legendary reign, the fighter’s stock was on the rise.

Well, although many people believed Usman would give Woodley a run for his money, not too many people, if any, predicted what happened. Woodley was extremely tentative in his fight with Usman, and the latter overwhelmed him with constant pressure and his wrestling.

Fast forward to today, and Woodley still hasn’t fought. The former champ was booked to fight Leon Edwards recently at UFC London, but due to the coronavirus, the card was cancelled.

Since then, Burns spoke with MMA Junkie. While discussing Woodley in particular, the surging fighter said this.

“The guy used to be a beast, he looked scary, but who’s that guy?” Burns said. “He doesn’t look like that anymore. Last time we saw him in the octagon, he didn’t look like that. He looks bad. Even his corner was like, ‘Bite that mouthpiece and move forward,’ and he was still waiting for Usman; he was just broke.

“And that’s Tyron Woodley right now. He has so much distraction in his life right now with TMZ, rapping, acting, the whole thing. I think he’s just surrounded himself with egos and famous people. He’s changed, I believe he’s not the same anymore.

Now, there’s no question that Woodley looked off in his bout with Usman, and he’s admitted as much. Others have also expressed concerns about whether Woodley is more focused on acting and rapping etc., than his fighting career.

But, Woodley boosters would likely caution against drawing too many conclusions, off of his performance against Usman.  They’d also likely remind people that prior to that loss, Woodley looked fantastic against Darren Till in September, 2018, as he submitted him in round two.

But, if Woodley does have another bad performance, then you know questions regarding his future as a top contender will spike once again.

Burns discusses who he wants to face next

Burns, meanwhile, is coming off a first round, stoppage win over Demain Maia, and he’s won five straight. While talking about who he wants to face next, Burns named Woodley, but he also took another poke at the former champ.

“So if that guy don’t want to fight me, I’m available, I’m going to keep fighting. If (Michael) Chiesa is next, then Chiesa is next. If ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson is next, then he’s next. I’m going to keep beating these guys until I get to him. But I don’t know, I just have a feeling I’m fighting Tyron Woodley this year. I think he might fight Leon Edwards again or fight Colby (Covington), that’s the fight that he wants, but I’m going to campaign for it so hard. That’s who I want next. I believe he’ll fight Leon Edwards or Colby and I believe both of these guys can beat Tyron Woodley. Tyron Woodley is almost 38, 39, if I’m not wrong. His whole ego has grown so much I can see right now the way he talks. He’s mixing the ego with confidence just being a rapper. I think he’s done, if he fights Leon Edwards or Colby, he’s going to lose, then I want him after my next fight.”

There you have it. It will be interesting to see who comes next for “Durinho”.

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