Dana White Tells Coronavirus “Come Get Me”, Argues You Can’t “Hide” From The Pandemic

Dana White has been criticized for his repeated insistences that UFC 249 will take place, but UFC President is arguing people can't "hide" from the coronavirus pandemic.

Dana White continues to move forward with his plan to hold UFC 249, despite the coronavirus, but not everyone believes the UFC is making the right decision or acting responsibly. White has been firing back at his critics, and in a new interview, he took his defensive rhetoric up.

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White says people can’t “hide” from the coronavirus

Recently the UFC was forced to postpone events scheduled for March 21st, 28th and April 11th, in London, Columbus and Portland respectively. But, White has repeatedly said that the UFC will find a way to host the April 18th, UFC 249 card. In addition, White’s reported the UFC plans to hold every fight that’s been postponed.

While some people are happy about that news, others have argued that holding events anytime soon could endanger the health of people by spreading the virus. White has lashed out at his critics, and in a new interview with Yahoo Sports’ Kevin Iole, the UFC President made the following claim (quote via MMA Fighting).

”Whether you’re a coronavirus expert or not, it’s like hiding from cancer. You can’t hide from this thing. You can’t hide. If you are a high-risk person, this thing’s going to get you. What’s going to happen next flu season? This thing’s going to disappear? No, it’s going to come back, just like the flu. And if it’s what’s going to get you, it’s gonna get you. So I’ve had a great run. If the coronavirus is what’s going to get me, let’s do it. Bring it. I’m ready corona – come get me.”

So, chances are these comments are also going to draw fire. While it’s true that the virus is out there, regardless of what people do, the hope is that high-risk people can take steps to avoid contracting it. Especially until a vaccine is made or treatments are discovered to mitigate the symptoms.

White won’t confirm whether fighters will be tested for the coronavirus

During the interview, White was also asked if the UFC is going to test fighters, coaches, and staff for the coronavirus, at its upcoming events. White wouldn’t say either way.

”We will make sure we take care of everybody like we always do. I’m not giving the public and the media all kinds of information on what I’m doing, but I’m not acting like some crazy rebel out here with the coronavirus. I’ve done everything I’ve been told to do.”

Testing or not, if the UFC does proceed with holding events, hopefully all the attendees remain healthy and no one comes into contact with the virus.

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