Colby Covington Insists Jorge Masvidal is Looking For Way Out of Kamaru Usman Fight

Although Jorge Masvidal has tossed some pretty fiery warnings in the direction of Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington continues to insist that "Gamebred" is trying to duck the welterewight champ.

It remains to be if and when the UFC will resume holding cards anytime soon, but, when the promotion does, the expectation is that Jorge Masvidal will challenge Kamaru Usman. But, the man Usman took out in December, Colby Covington, continues to insist “Gamebred’s” looking for a way out of the title fight.

Colby Covington
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Covington says Masvidal doesn’t want to fight wrestlers

As a result of Masvidal’s big 2019 year, which saw him defeat Darren Till, Ben Askren and Nate Diaz, the outspoken fighter’s in the pole position for a title shot. UFC President Dana White has said that the promotion hopes to have Masvidal fight Usman, sometime this summer.

For quite some time, Masvidal campaigned for a fight with Conor McGregor, even though he was in the title shot mix at welterweight. Masvidal even admitted that he would prefer to fight McGregor next, instead of Usman, due to how much he could make.

But, in more recent weeks, a feud between Masvidal and Usman has really kicked off. Especially after Usman pretended to not know who Masvidal is, and that clearly didn’t sit well with the veteran.  

Well, despite all this, Covington apparently isn’t buying that Masvidal really wants to fight Usman. While talking to the Eurobash podcast recently (before the ATT ban on trash-talking fellow team members), “Chaos” said the following (quotes via MMA Fighitng).

“I said that journeyman Jorge Masvidal, AKA ‘The Street Judas’ is going to overprice himself out of the fight, he don’t want to fight Marty Fakenewsman [Usman]. He doesn’t want to fight anyone that can wrestle him because he can’t wrestle. All he can do is get lucky and throw some Hail Mary shots and land some Hail Mary knockouts and get lightening in a bottle and get a little hype on him.”

“All Jorge is is hype. Let’s not forget the man has double-digit losses, he has almost 15 losses on his record. Let’s not forget that the guy’s a 50-50 fighter in the last four or five years when you look at his record combined. Let’s not forget the guy hasn’t beaten anyone relevant in the top-five. The guy is all hype. This is what’s sad about the sport today, all you have to do is get one or two knockouts and you get the hype on you and people think you’re a world beater – it’s not realistic.”

“…Jorge is not going to sign to fight. This fight was supposed to be signed a month or two ago. They’ve been dragging this fight out, trying to get this fight signed and you can see that Jorge is giving them too much issues.”

Could Covington be right?

Now, it should be noted that others have opined that Masvidal could be in tough against Usman and the champ’s wrestling. But, at this juncture, it’s hard to imagine that Masvidal is still holding out for a fight with McGregor, or anyone else really.

There’s been no talk in recent weeks of McGregor fighting Masvidal, and the latter likely understands that a fight with Usman, is probably the biggest one out there for him right now. Aside from a fight with Covington. But, “Chaos” has been calling for an immediate rematch with Usman.

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