Alyssa Milano defends Joe Biden's profanity-laced threats

Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano was quick to defend former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday after the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate was caught on camera berating a worker in Detroit, Michigan. Biden threatened the man and used profanity when confronted on the topic of gun control.

Alyssa Milano Defends Joe Biden

After video of the incident went viral, the very liberal Milano posted it to her own Twitter page. The 47-year-old gleefully stated that this behavior is exactly why she supports Biden.

In turn, Milano’s endorsement of Biden’s violent reaction struck many people as odd. Especially given the actress portrays herself as someone who loves peace.

“This exchange is why I endorse Joe Biden for President,” she wrote. “You have to be able to have the tough conversations with those who disagree with you.”

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Joe Biden Comes Unhinged Over Guns

Calling the altercation that happened in this video a “conversation” is a bit of a stretch.

As you an see in the video, the incident mostly consists of Biden losing his cool on a worker as he toured a Fiat Chrysler assembly plant in Detroit. When confronted about his plans to end 2A and take away guns, Biden tells the worker, “You’re full of sh**!”

Biden clearly did not take kindly to the plant worker’s claim that the 2020 Democrat is “actively trying to diminish our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.”

At one point, Biden points his finger right in the man’s face and says that he is just going to “take your AR-14s away.” We must assume that Biden means AR-15s and mistakenly calls them “AR-14s”. He also repeatedly suggests that they step outside to resolve the issue.

According to CBS News, the fiery exchanged escalated to a threat and more profanity:

“This is not OK, alright?” the man said, to which Biden replied, “Don’t tell me that, pal, or I’m going to go out and slap you in the face.”

“You’re working for me, man!” the worker said.

“I’m not working for you,” Biden said. “Don’t be such a horse’s ass.”

So much for civility!

Biden clearly did not appreciate being pressed on his Second Amendment stance. Which might be a problem when visiting a factory employing key voters right in the Heart of America.

Milano Would Never Give Trump This Free Pass

Had Trump ever engaged in an altercation like this one, Milano would be first in line to use this behavior as ammunition. She’d be shooting from the rooftop that a president should not treat a constituent this way.

Of course, when Trump engages in a disagreement with someone, Milano and her fellow liberals describe him as a threat to America. Yet when Biden comes completely unhinged, he gets a free pass.

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Milano has let her disdain for Trump consume her to the point where she doesn’t actually care what happens to the United States: she just wants Trump out.

Since Joe Biden is the current Democratic front-runner, Milano will blindly support him. He represents her best chance at getting Trump out of the White House and so she’ll defend Biden’s behavior. Regardless of how threatening or gaffe-ridden it may be.