UFC 247: Dominick Reyes Takes Jab at Jon Jones’ Boxing Skills

Jon Jones is widely regarded to be one of the most complete fighters in MMA history. But recently Dominick Reyes outlined he doesn't think much of the champ's abilities, when it comes to the sweet science.

Jon Jones has long been considered one of the best and most complete fighters in MMA. But, recently Dominick Reyes dished on what he believes is a sizeable chink in the armor of the light-heavyweight king.

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Reyes believes Jones’ boxing needs work

Jones has become one of the most accomplished and renowned fighters in combat sports on account of his comprehensive game and athletic abilities. Not only is Jones a very talented wrestler, the champ has a nasty clinch game, a punishing top game and very good kickboxing as well. Not only that, “Bones” is 6’4 tall and he has a massive reach of 84.5 inches.

So, due to all that, and his fight IQ, he has yet to incur a legit, defeat. But, during a media event this week to promote UFC 247, Reyes was of course asked about his upcoming bout with the champ. Here is some of what the undefeated, challenger had to say, while discussing where he thinks he has Jones beat (quotes via MMA Mania):

“It’s no secret Jon isn’t the best boxer in UFC. He’s a great kickboxer and he has great range and he kicks very well. But he’s not the best boxer,” said Reyes.

“I intend to exploit that. I think my boxing is probably the best in the division, and with footwork and fearlessness, I will get in there and put these hands on him.”

Even the biggest Jones’ supporters would likely concede that when people talk about Jones’ greatest strengths, it’s not his boxing. The star isn’t known for having heavy hands, and others have opined getting inside of Jones’ kickboxing range and testing his chin could be the best way to end his reign. Trouble is, doing that is much easier said than done. Especially when throw his wrestling skills and range in the mix.

Reyes is willing to get “knocked out”

But, Reyes is reporting that he’s willing to take some risks in order to beat Jones. Case in point, during the aforementioned event, he said this:

“A lot of people end up turning it into a sparring match. I am willing to go in there and get knocked out if I have to,” Reyes said “You have to put yourself in danger, its the biggest risk, but it gets you the biggest reward. So I am ready to go out there and throw down and bleed as much as necessary.”

It’s going to be really interesting to see what happens. Will we see Reyes come out aggressively and take some chances?

UFC 247 will be hosted by the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

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