UFC 247: Dominick Reyes Proclaims Jon Jones “Loves Me”

As UFC 247 approaches, Jon Jones has taken verbal jabs at Dominick Reyes and his athletic abilities. But, recently the rising challenger put an interesting twist on the champ's attacks.

Although Dominick Reyes is a big underdog heading into his bout with Jon Jones, “Bones” has repeatedly responded to the contender’s take on how their fight may play out. But, recently the undefeated light-heavyweight had an interesting take, on why the champ’s been calling him out on social media.

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Reyes claims Jones “loves” him

Reyes and Jones have been trading verbal jabs through interviews and social media for a little while now. Reyes has acknowledged that Jones is a great fighter, but he’s also questioned whether the champ has faced someone with his athletic abilities. More recently Reyes claimed that when he faced off with Jones, he wasn’t “intimidated at all”.

Jones,  meanwhile, has repeatedly fired back at Reyes. So, when asked about the apparent, escalating tensions with “Bones”, Reyes said this (quote via MMA Junkie):

“The guy loves me,” Reyes said. “I’m his favorite fighter. He spends all his time on my social (media). That’s good for me. I’ve got a fan in Jon Jones. I’m not worried about that. The funny thing is he thinks he knows me as a human being. He thinks he knows me as a person. He tries to put me in this box of, ‘Oh, this guy has had everything his whole life. He went to college, he has degrees, he’s an athlete. He thinks he’s better than me.’ You don’t know anything about anything.

“You think you know me, but you don’t. Or do you? It’s a mind game. I take confidence from him saying these things about me because he thinks he knows me, he thinks he has me all figured out, but he has no idea. He knows what I allow him to know. He knows what I show him. It’s pretty cool.”

It’s interesting to see Reyes putting this type of spin on this, and it will be fascinating to see if Jones reacts. It should be noted, however, that historically Jones has often responded to what his opponents are saying about him in the media. So, it may not be the case that Jones is paying more attention to Reyes than previous opponents?

Reyes believes Jones will have trouble preparing for him

While talking about this Saturday’s bout, Reyes also opined that Jones and his team will have trouble, effectively preparing for him. Here’s some of what he had to say:

“You look at your opponents and address what they’re good at and beat them there and nullify their game. That’s what he’s done. He’s been very good at it. But a guy like me, you don’t know what I’m going to come out with. There’s not enough on me. I don’t even know how to beat me. I’m so fresh in this game and changing so much every day.”

Is there not enough footage out there of Reyes? Since he’s fought just six times in the UFC and only 12 times overall? Maybe? But, it could also be the case that Reyes is planning to mix in some new attacks and strategies at UFC 247.

Saturday’s card will be hosted by the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

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