School board reconsiders Nike Contract over Colin Kaepernick

A local school board in Pennsylvania is taking a stand against Nike by reconsidering a contract to buy sporting equipment from the retail giant in light of the brand’s relationship with Colin Kaepernick.

Nike Contract In Jeopardy Over Colin Kaepernick

Erie News Now reports that multiple athletic brands took part in a bidding war on various types of sporting equipment used by teams in the Conneaut Area School District. Ultimately, Nike won out with a contract totaling $5,637.

However, a few members of the school board have since expressed concerns with doing business with Nike. The concerned members feel it’s wrong to financially support a brand that not only stands behind but pays and promotes Kaepernick.

During his time as the San Francisco 49ers quarterback during the 2016 season, Kaepernick started portesting the National Anthem. Kaepernick first sat the bench then opted to take a knee during the anthem, saying the act was a protest against racial inequality.

Many Americans, however, saw this as a clear sign of disrespect towards the American flag and those who have fought and died for it.

Despite his high profile Anthem protests, Nike fully embraced Kaepernick. The brand even introduced a line of shoes in his name with the date of his first protest emblazoned on the bottom.

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On top of that, Nike launched a controversial ad campaign featuring the ex-NFL star. The ad featured the catchphrase: “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.

Local Residents Agree With School Board’s Decision

The school board ended up tabling the vote on the contract in February, and they are due to discuss it again at next month’s meeting. Various local residents have stated that they’re glad the school board is reconsidering doing business with Nike.

“Personally, I think Nike is a good brand and I have Nike stuff. But as far as the kneeling and my husband being a veteran, I totally 100% disagree with that,” one person said, with another adding, “Well, if he’s going to take a kneel, I don’t think they should buy anything from them.”

“People have opinions. But to me, I believe he’s wrong too. He’s here in America,” a third person said. “There’s people overseas fighting for him and he’s fighting for Nike. It’s wrong.”

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School Board Should Drop Nike Once And For All

We applaud this school board for thinking twice about signing this contract. Nike stepped into the political arena when it decided to proudly promote Colin Kaepernick and his Anthem protests.

Nike should not be surprised at the school’s quandry with how to spend it’s budget. Should those tax dollars go to a brand that wears its politics on its sleeve?

If Nike wants to continue to “believe” in Kaepernick, they should not be surprised if they have to “sacrifice” more business!

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