Oscars ratings hit all-time low thanks to Joaquin Phoenix and Brad Pitt

The ratings for the 92nd Academy Awards last night are in, and they are anything but good. The Oscars 2020 failed to break their downtrend cycle as Hollywood elites continued to use the stage as a platform to lecture everyday Americans.

Oscars Ratings Plummet

The 2020 Oscars ratings hit an all-time low, with just 23.6 million viewers tuning in to watch it. That is six million less than last year, according to the Daily Mail. There was no host for the show for the second year in a row. A that started with Kevin Hart dropping out last year amidst backlash over past tweets Leftists dredged up and deemed offensive. In addition, producers Stephanie Allain and Lynette Howell Taylor took charge of the annual Academy Awards show on ABC for the first time.

Once again, viewers were left nauseated by the number of liberal celebrities who used their speeches to lecture the world about politics.

As Joaquin Phoenix won Best Actor, he blasted mankind for having “plundered nature’s resources”. Before complaining about the artificial insemination of cows.

Then when Brad Pitt won Best Supporting Actor, he whined about Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. Specifically calling attention to the fact former national security adviser John Bolton was not allowed to testify.

All of this was predicted by the unpolitically correct and ever-hilarious English comedian and actor Ricky Gervais.

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While Gervais’ unabashed roasting of the Hollywood elite for their hypocrisy is a minority voice, it certainly is refreshing.

Is it any wonder that the Oscars ratings continue to plummet?

People Slam Hollywood

Social media users have not hesitated to let it be known that they are sick of the political nonsense from celebrities. Who they brand as “hypocrites”. The Oscars is an awards show for excellence in cinema – not a soapbox for rich celebrities to lecture the rest of America.

“People are sick to death of being lectured and hectored by a bunch of celebrities who are actually among the poorest educated segment of the population. Most never even completed high school,” one social media user commented. “How is their opinion any more valid than the average person’s?”

“Im shocked it was even that much! Who watches this garbage?” another user commented. “All they do is preach their views on us, telling us we are bad, we are racist, we are the problem etc and then they do whatever they want!”

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“The numbers say that not even 10% of the population gives a flying flip about the Academy Awards,” a third person said bluntly.

And there you have it. The simple – and quite obvious – explanation for the Oscars ratings decline.

Hollywood Liberals Shouldn’t Be Lecturing Us About Politics

Hollywood is full of out of touch liberal elites who have no idea what it’s like to be a real working American. They are the last people on Earth who should be lecturing the rest of us about politics.

Whoever producers the Oscars next year would do well to celebrate cinema and stay away from the politics if they want ratings to improve.

Who knows – maybe even spice it up with comedic host.

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