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On Tuesday, it was announced that President Donald Trump had pardoned former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. Just after the announcement, NFL legends Jerry Rice and Jim Brown spoke out to praise Trump for what he did.

Jim Brown And Jerry Rice Thank President Trump

Jim Brown, one of the best to ever play the game, thanked President Trump while talking to reporters outside the White House. The former fullback for the Cleveland Browns said that Eddie DeBartolo Jr. is a “great man.”

All pro wide receiver Jerry Rice agreed with Brown, praising DeBartolo for creating such a successful team as the 49ers.

“It was all about family. That’s really what they stood for. And that’s the reason why I think we won so many championships,” Jerry Rice explained.

The NFL’s all-time leading receiver went on to specifically thank President Trump for DeBartolo’s pardon.

“I take my hat off to Donald Trump for what he did,” Rice said simply.

It’s not surprising to see this level of respect from these two NFL Hall of Famers. They are not just seasoned athletes but professionals.

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These gentlemen remind us of a time when pro athletes understood how to comport themselves with the dignity and respect deserving of the President.

Eddie DeBartolo Jr.’s Legal Trouble

Eddie DeBartolo Jr. found himself in trouble with the law back in 1998 when Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards demanded that he pay him $400,000 for a Louisiana riverboat gambling license. He eventually plead guilty for failing to report extortion, and while he avoided prison, he was suspended by the NFL for the 1999 season and was fined $1 million.

Though DeBartolo led his team to five Super Bowls in just fourteen years, he never returned to the 49ers. He was, however, elected to the Pro-Football Hall of Fame in 2016.

Trump White House Explains DeBartolo Pardon

Trump’s White House released a statement explaining the President’s decision to pardon Eddie DeBartolo Jr. The statement cites the philanthropy he has done since the 1990’s scandal.

“Mr. DeBartolo did not allow his conviction to define his life,” the offical White House statement reads. “He remained a generous philanthropist and passionate supporter of numerous charitable causes, including charter schools like the Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School, and anti-gang violence initiatives. His exceptional compassion and warmth define his character to this day.”

We’re glad to see President Trump finally getting some credit from members of the NFL. Even if he had to pardon one of their own to get it.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning and more celebrities will join in Jerry Rice and Jim Brown’s example. Whether in entertainment or pro sports, more celebrities should publicly recognize that Trump is doing great things for this country.

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