Newlywed Officers Chase and Nicole McKeown stopped an armed robber at Raising Cane's

A newlywed couple had their date night interrupted by an armed robber. But, these aren’t your typical newlyweds. Chase and Nicole McKeown are both police officers who were off-duty that fated evening. This dynamic duo halted their dinner and pulled out their firearms to stop an armed robber at a Louisville Raising Cane’s. The high stakes escapade was caught on surveillance video.

Armed Robber At Raising Cane’s

Detective Chase McKeown and Officer Nicole McKeown of Elizabethtown Police were married just six months ago. The two were at Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers in Louisville, Kentucky for dinner on February 15th at about 10 pm when a man came into the restaurant wearing a surgical mask and black hoodie.

The masked man demanded money as he waved a gun. This creep quickly found out that he chose the wrong place to rob.

“I saw her hands go up and I’m thinking ‘Is he doing what I think he’s doing?’,” Nicole McKeown recounted about seeing the cashier.

“We just looked at each other. ‘Is this what’s going on?’ Let’s go,” Chase continued, “Instincts took over and we just did like we felt we needed to do.”

Suspect Was Apprehended In Downtown Louisville

The couple approached the armed robber with their own guns pointed right at him, demanding he drop his weapon.

The masked figure fled the scene as the dynamic duo chased after him through downtown Louisville. Later, 30-year-old Justin Carter was apprehended with assistance from local authorities.

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Both Nicole and Chase credit their training with allowing them to react calmly and quickly.

“That’s where the repetitiveness and that training kicks in,” Nicole said. “When it comes to those people’s lives being in danger, I feel like any other officer here would have done the exact same thing,” she said.

“It was a matter of, this is happening, we’re trained to act, we acted. That’s all there is to it,” Chase added.

These two wasted no time after realizing an armed robbery was occurring right in front of them. These professionals kept cool heads in a high stress environment.

Surveillance video of this dramatic event can be watched in the tweet below.

The McKeown’s are being lauded for acting selflessly and quickly to protect the cashier and the public at large.

As police officers, these professional crime fighters never truly have down time. These hero cops are always prepared to serve and protect.

Bravo to these newlywed officers!

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