Khabib Nurmagomedov Doesn’t Flinch Over Supposed $100 Million Offer For Conor McGregor Rematch

Khabib Nurmagomedov has said in the past that money won't prompt him to rematch Conor McGregor, and that apparently includes nine-figure offers...

Not everyone believed Khabib Nurmagomedov when he said previously that a truckload of money wouldn’t change his mind about not fighting Conor McGregor again. But, following claims from his manager that a Saudi Arabia group is willing to pay Khabib $100 million to rematch McGregor, the lightweight champ is remaining on point.

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Nurmagomedov takes poke at McGregor while discussing manager’s claim

Ever since Khabib submitted McGregor in their massive, 2018 fight, there’s been talk about the two fighting again. The key reason being that a rematch would be as big, if not bigger, than their first bout. But, the galaxy class grappler has repeatedly said that he won’t fight McGregor again, until he records several, wins. Khabib has also noted that he’s already financially set.

Well, recently the champ’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz claimed that a group is willing to pay $100 million to have Khabib fight McGregor in Saudi Arabia. But, since then, Nurmagomedov had this to say about that report (quotes from MMA Junkie, via RT Sport):

“Why do I need that kind of money?” Khabib relayed at a press conference. “There are so many organizations. For example, there’s not only football for the blind, there’s sambo and other sports. Let (the UFC) give it to them if they don’t know what to do with the money. But giving me $100 million for me to beat up that idiot again? I don’t think that’s rational.”

This is keeping with previous statements Khabib has made. So, it’s not surprising to hear that the champ didn’t say he’s willing to change his stance, if that much money is tabled. Further, it sounds like he isn’t entirely sure an offer that big has been made.

But, could Khabib ultimately agree to fight McGregor again so he can in turn, give the money to a charity?

Khabib reminds people he’s fighting Tony Ferguson next

Now,  of course, all this talk about Khabib fighting McGregor again is premature. Namely, because he’s booked to fight one of the best lightweights of this generation, Tony Ferguson, on April 18th. Case in point, Nurmagomedov also said this:

“I have a fight on April 18 – a very serious fight,” he said. “For the past month and a half, I’ve been consistently training day and night. I’ve gotten myself in good shape to where I’m supposed to be 70 days before a fight. I feel great.

“What’ll happen after the fight, no one knows. I don’t worry about it. That’s what (the UFC) want. I’m surprised that people even question me about a rematch. It seems that people want to continue the festivities after that fight.”

Fair enough. While most people seem to believe Khabib will retain the 155 crown, he’s well advised to not look past “El Cucuy”.

That fight will headline UFC 249, which will take place in Brooklyn, New York.

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