Dominick Reyes Insists he Beat Jon Jones, Comments on Whether it Was a “Robbery”

It's been a few days now since UFC 247, and while Dominick Reyes is still adamant he beat Jon Jones, he isn't certain he would call it a robbery.

Dominick Reyes has had some time to reflect on what went down in his bout with Jon Jones at UFC 247, and the rising star still believes he beat the 205 king. At the same time, “The Devastator” isn’t certain he would call the decision a robbery.

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Reyes proclaims “I won that fight”

Heading into last Saturday’s card, Reyes was a massive underdog to end the reign of Jones. But, the hard-hitting contender shocked many in the MMA world by pushing Jones to his limits. So much so, many people scored the first three rounds for Reyes and as a result, the fight for him.

Well, the judges saw it differently and Jones retained the belt with a unanimous decision. More recently, Reyes spoke with MMA Fighting and he had this to say about what transpired:

“I feel good about what I went out there and did,” Reyes said. “No matter what the judges say, I went out there and I won that fight. But I don’t have a belt and that’s the reality of the situation.

“The reality of the situation is that he’s still the champ. I’ve got to get better. I’ve got to try to get this rematch going and I’ve got to finish him next time.”

“I’m not just buying into the hype because immediately after the fight, my post fight interview, I said I won 3-2,” Reyes said, adding he took the first three rounds against Jones. “I’ll stick by that until the end. There’s nobody that can convince me otherwise. I was in there with him.”

Yup. As noted above, there seems to be plenty of people, and folks who know a lot about MMA, who scored the bout for Reyes.

But was it a robbery?

Anytime there’s a controversial decision, the word ‘robbery’ gets thrown around. But, when Reyes was asked whether he thinks he was robbed, the 30-year-old said this:

“I think I won that fight,” Reyes said. “I think the judges scored it wrong, but to say robbery, I don’t know. I felt like something was taken from me than I earned.

“I’ve replayed it a million times in my head. I even try to see it from their point of view, and it’s like no matter how I slice it, I won that fight. It sucks. It definitely sucks, but I’m moving forward. I have a super bright future ahead of me. I’m going to get that rematch.”

Even if you scored the bout for Reyes, it’s hard to say it was ‘robbery’, in manner that term is used for controversial decisions. Ultimately it was a very, close fight. A 3-2 score for Jones isn’t absurd either.

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