UFC 246: Donald Cerrone Reports “The Best Way” he Could Beat Conor McGregor

Donald Cerrone has outlined the best way his fight with Conor McGregor could end on Saturday night, and no, it's not via a quick, knockout for "Cowboy".

There’s been endless talk and speculation about how Conor McGregor’s and Donald Cerrone’s fight on Saturday is going to unfold. But how does “Cowboy” want it to end? Best-case scenario? Well, it’s not by him setting a new record for fastest knockout.

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Cerrone reports the “best way” he can beat McGregor

With UFC 246 just a few days away, McGregor continues to be a fair-sized favorite to beat Cerrone in the card’s headliner. As this is being written, the controversial star is carrying odds ranging from -295 to -350.

Well, chances are Cerrone would object to those odds, and he feels confident he’ll hand McGregor another loss. But, what would  be the best way to do that? When asked that question recently, Cerrone said this (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“The best way? Head-kick knockout in the fourth round,” Cerrone said. “I want to (expletive) go in there and be tested, test him, and drag and drool and get some. I train hard for this. I’m here for this. There’s a lot of glory with knocking someone out right away. There’s more glory for me fighting and having to answer those questions in your mind.

“When you get wobbled, you get hurt, and you have to step back and bite to keep going? That’s the (expletive) sickness that I have that I love. If I could write it perfectly, it’d be a hard-ass, drag-him-through-the-dirt fight.”

How about that? One would think most fans, perhaps aside from hardcore fans for either Cerrone or McGregor, want to see a memorable war on Saturday too. Can Cerrone take it into the fourth round? If he does, many people believe that it will favor “Cowboy”, since McGregor is ridiculously dangerous in the opening two rounds.

Cerrone responds to critics regarding his plans to strike

Leading up to UFC 246, many people have opined that Cerrone should mix in some takedowns against McGregor. The theory being that his path to victory will become much wider, if he can put McGregor on the floor.

Cerrone, however, has repeatedly said he isn’t planning to do that and that he intends to stand with the feared striker. Clearly Cerrone is aware that he’s been taking some heat for those comments, as he also said this:

“I’m not fighting for any of you guys out there,” Cerrone said. “I’m fighting for me. That’s what I want to do. Then, everybody says, ‘Why don’t you just take Conor down?’ You don’t think Conor trains jiu-jitsu? You don’t think he’s got somewhat (of a ground game)? (Maybe) ever since he got submitted he’s been like, ‘Maybe I should work on that. Maybe I should work on my wrestling.’”

“You think I can just walk out there and trip him like (that) and he’ll fall down? I’m sure he’s got good takedown defense, but I’m going out there to fight for me – not for anybody else…”

There you have it. It seems pretty clear takedowns aren’t in “Cowboy’s” gameplan, but might that change on Saturday night?

UFC 246 will be hosted by the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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