UFC 246: Darren Till Outlines Why He’s Got Conor McGregor Finishing Donald Cerrone Quickly

Darren Till is pumped to see Donald Cerrone and Conor McGregor throw hands at UFC 246. But, recently the middleweight contender outlined why he's picking McGregor to finish the fight, and to do so quickly.

As UFC 246 nears, the consensus seems to be that Conor McGregor will return to the win column after he fights Donald Cerrone. Well, one of the people who holds this view is evidently Darren Till, who recently outlined why he’s picking McGregor to beat “Cowboy” in the opening round.

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Till weighs-in on McGregor vs. Cerrone

McGregor is booked to fight Cerrone on January 18th, and as this is being written, the controversial star is the favorite on the betting lines. Currently McGregor is carrying odds in the -274 to -333 range. That’s a fair sized favorite.

Recently Till took to social media to weigh-in on the highly anticipated fight, and the talented striker said this (warning: graphic language)(quotes via MMA Fighting):

I cannot f*cking wait for Conor x Cowboy next week.

Feels like the old Conor is back.

Both are right up for this, Cowboy’s camp have more to be concerned with than just Conor’s left hand though.

As a southpaw, it’s not the left hand.

It’s the set-ups from the left hand, the spinning kicks, the feints, angles, etc.

It all draws you onto the left hand.

Also that’s just not what he brings!

You don’t beat who he beat by just having a left hand.

If I would have taken my own advice above against Masvidal rather than just coming out to try and steamroll him. But he done me fair and good!

Anyway, let’s see a f*cking tear-up next week!

I’ve got Conor first-round TKO, feel like the occasion may just be too much for Cowboy! But that’s just my opinion, Cowboy’s been around a long longer than me and knows a hell of a lot more.

A response to Cerrone’s coach?

The timing of these comments are interesting, as not log ago, it was reported that Cerrone’s coach, Jafari Vanier believes “Cowboy” only has to “worry” about McGregor’s left hand. He also argued that Cerrone has a lot more ways to finish the fight, on account of his kickboxing game and submission skills.

While McGregor’s biggest weapon is his left hand, and that’s the tool he’s used to win most of his UFC bouts, it’s certainly true that he is masterful at setting it up. McGregor also comes with various kicks, as Till noted.

All this aside, regardless of whether Cerrone’s a more well rounded fighter than McGregor or not, “Cowboy” is known as a slow starter, and against the “Notorious” one that could be a disaster.

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